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Tomedes can translate legal documents from English to Spanish and vice versa for a range of official and personal needs such as legal briefs, case summaries, and insurance documents. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate and reliable Spanish legal translation. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Urgent English to Spanish Legal Translation

December 30, 2019

This page was last updated on December 9, 2022.

There are myriad reasons why people require legal translation from English to Spanish, from dealing with dull but essential paperwork to serious court cases. Whatever the nature of the documentation, confidentiality is of the utmost importance – clients need to know that their translation agency has robust information for protecting their data. 

Of course, outstanding language skills are also key, along with a deep knowledge of the legal system and terminology. It was this combination of skills that drew a recent client to Tomedes. He had read about a Spanish legal translation that we had completed (click on the link below to find out more) and appreciated our attention to detail when it came to what was required. 

He asked us to undertake an urgent English to Spanish legal translation for him and we were, naturally, happy to help! We assigned our top legal translator to get to work immediately. 


Professional Spanish Legal Document Translation 

The need for Spanish legal translation services around the world is huge. Spanish is spoken as an official language in 21 countries, from a host of Latin American nations to the Caribbean, as well as in Spain itself. Globally, somewhere between 320 million and 400 million people speak Spanish as a first language, while millions more speak it as a second (or third) language. 

Sizeable populations in other countries also speak Spanish. In the US (which has no official language), well over 10% of the population speaks Spanish, with more than 30 million people using it at home as their first language. 

From his base in the US, our recent client needed a Spanish translator who could not only deliver exceptional language skills, but also a wealth of legal knowledge. We had just the right Spanish language professional in mind. Not only did she have the perfect skill set for the job in question, she was also available to start work immediately, which was just as well, considering the client’s tight timescale. 


Certified Spanish Legal Translator

Our translator’s legal background and legal translation experience meant that she was easily able to understand (in both English and Spanish) the legal phrases that peppered the client’s document. 

This depth of knowledge is essential for accurate legal translation and it’s why we work so hard to pair our translators’ experience with our clients’ work, in the course of the translation services that we provide. 

The US is known for its litigious approach to a wide range of matters. The US District Courts saw 277,010 civil cases filed in the year to 31/03/18, while the Court of Appeals saw 49,363 filings. The District Courts also saw 63,732 criminal case filings. The Bankruptcy Courts dealt with 779,828 filings over the same period. 

In each of these courts, legal translation played a role over the course of the year (as well as legal interpretation services). Indeed, legal interpretation is a cornerstone of ensuring that everyone has proper access to the US legal system and can understand both their rights and the processes involved in engaging with that system. 


Accurate Legal Translation Services of Spanish Paperwork

In the case of this client, the legal translation that Tomedes undertook meant that he could read the court documents in his first language. When you’re dealing with legal paperwork, understanding it correctly is incredibly important – hence the client reaching out to Tomedes to assist with his translation. Reading the papers in Spanish (his first language) as opposed to English (his second), made the difference between him understanding them fully and him being muddled as to their meaning. 


Fast and Reliable Service at your Fingertips

As mentioned, this client was in a hurry to receive his translation. As such, he used our urgent translation service, so that he could receive his document in the shortest possible time frame. The Tomedes rush Spanish legal translation service is available for documents of all shapes and sizes, from marketing presentations to videos. It ensures that our clients are able to enjoy high quality translations even when time is tight. 

For this client, his timescale was being driven by the legal system, so we had a clear deadline with which to comply. Other urgent translations are spurred on by business needs, family matters and a host of other reasons. In each case, our dedicated managers agreed to express timescales with the client and ensure that the translation is completed on time and to a high standard (we have a rigorous quality assurance process in place in order to address this latter point). 

The client was delighted with the speedy translation that we delivered. Not only was the legal terminology spot on, but the translation cost was lower than he had expected – a happy customer on all fronts! 

If you would like Tomedes to handle your translation needs, why not contact us today? We have expert linguists standing by to ensure that you receive accurate, professional translations as and when you need them – and all for a great price.

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