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A Tomedes client needed an urgent business translation from English to Indonesian.

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Urgent English to Indonesian Business Translation

December 03, 2019

Tomedes completed a job recently for a technology company. Our task was to translate a technical business document for the client from English to Indonesian. Ever keen to provide an excellent service, we got straight to work! 

Professional Indonesian Translation 

The Indonesian language, or Bahasa Indonesia, is spoken in Indonesia. Given Indonesia’s position as the world’s fourth most populous country (it’s home to some 264 million people), and the fact that the majority of the population speaks Indonesian, Bahasa Indonesia is one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet. It ranks sixth or seventh, depending on who is counting and how. 

The Indonesian language is a variety of Malay. It was chosen as the official language of Indonesia in 1928 and named ‘Bahasa Indonesia,’ which means ‘the language of Indonesia.’ As well as being spoken in Indonesia, it is also a recognised minority language in East Timor. Indonesian is also used in United Nations peacekeeping missions and as one of the languages of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). 

Tomedes has spent many years delivering Indonesian translations. Our professional translation network extends around the globe and includes a number of skilled English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English translators.  
Over the past decade we have worked on several complex and lengthy English to Indonesian translations, including those requiring specialist language. You can read about an English to Indonesian legal translation that we completed by clicking the link below. 

Read more: English to Indonesian Legal Translation  

This experience has positioned us perfectly to deliver Indonesian translations, such as the one requested by this client. After analysing the technical document that he provided, we assigned our leading Indonesian business translator, whose experience encompasses a range of challenging technical translations. 

Business Translations for a Range of Purposes 

Businesses need translations for countless reasons. For some, translation is a way to connect and integrate geographically dispersed staff teams. For others, translation is the key to doing exciting new business deals. Other business clients use translation to reach out to new audiences and market their products in other countries. 

Whatever the reason behind the translation project, Tomedes is here to help. In this instance, we supported the client to cascade important company information to staff members and freelancers working in Indonesia. 

The client needed a professional linguist with experience of using appropriate business language – and that’s precisely what he got! Our document translation services cover all manner of professional business purposes. We’ve worked hard to build up a professional translation network that puts a range of experience at our clients’ disposal. 

In this instance, we were able to pair the client’s document with a native Bahasa Indonesia translator whose experience perfectly fitted with the client’s business need. We always seek to use a native speaker of the target language in this way, as it makes for a superior quality translation. 

We also quality assure all of our translations. In fact, we offer our clients a one-year guarantee for each and every translation that we provide.

Urgent Translation Services for Businesses in Need

As is the case with many Tomedes clients, this company was in a hurry to receive its translation. Tomedes provides an urgent translation service to meet the requirements of clients who have a pressing business translation need. 

Clients using this service can receive their translations faster, without any compromises being made in terms of quality. It’s a service that is available for documents of all shapes and sizes – clients simply need to discuss their timescales with Tomedes when ordering the translation. 

That was precisely what this client did. After a discussion with his Tomedes account manager (each of our clients benefits from a dedicated account manager, as well as a translator), he opted for our rush translation service. As such, he received a professional translation service that easily worked within his timeframe, as well as providing a quality translation. 

The client was delighted by the Tomedes service. Not only was our attention to detail excellent, but the translation price was below the client’s budget. We impressed with our customer service and the quality of our translation, as well as with the cost. The result? Another very happy Tomedes client! 

Professional Translation for Your Business 

Tomedes’ translation services are available to clients around the world. We serve both business and personal customers, matching our translators’ expertise with our clients’ needs. 

Would your business benefit from professional translation services? Whether you’re trying to engage new customers, establish new partnership or simply reduce your staffing overheads or production costs, translation services (and interpretation services, which Tomedes also provides) can by key to making a difference. 

You can speak to a member of the Tomedes team to find out more. We’re available 24/7 by live chat, email or phone. Why not get in touch today to find out how translation could make a difference to your business?

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