Legal Translation for Data Analytics Agency Expansion

Tomedes offers accurate and high-quality legal translations for companies seeking to do international operations. Our global network of legal translators is experienced and certified in handling the translation of legal documents from English to Romanian. In this project, we display our expertise in translating legal documents like contracts, financial documents, NDAs, and other documents related to business operations to comply with the Romanian legal system.

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Legal Translation for Data Analytics Agency Expansion

May 06, 2024

Our Client

Company name: B.C.E. Agency (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

Our client is an international data analytics and research agency that works with thousands of companies and private clients to create an investment portfolio.

Deadline set by the client: 10 days

What do they need?

Our client is planning to expand internationally and wants to enter the Romanian market. They need to translate legal documents like contracts, financial documents, NDAs, and other documents related to business operations from English to Romanian. 

The Challenges

While translating numerous legal documents, we encountered some issues: first, the client needed the translation within just 10 days to meet a critical submission date, putting our team's efficiency and time management skills to the test. Second, the document had to be translated with absolute precision to comply with Romanian legal standards, necessitating meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge of legal terminology. Lastly, after the initial translation, the client identified a minor error that needed immediate correction, emphasizing the need for high responsiveness and effective communication.

At Tomedes, we overcame these challenges through two main components: first, our broad global network of legal translators allowed us to find the right people assigned to this crucial task. Second, our proven track record is backed by our years of experience and our robust quality control process in all our translation projects.

Why Tomedes?

With almost two decades of experience in the field, Tomedes is a leading translation company that provides legal document translations for businesses seeking to globally expand and comply with the laws of their target markets. Under this specialized type of translation, we provide translations in Romanian, English, and 150 languages worldwide.

At Tomedes, we possess a profound specialization in translating legal documents, an area where precision and adherence to legal standards are paramount. Our team of experienced translators is thoroughly vetted to ensure they can handle complex legal terminology and context with ease to exceed the rigorous demands of legal accuracy and compliance.

Our ability to mobilize quickly and manage translation projects efficiently sets us apart. This agility enables us to meet very tight deadlines, a crucial factor for clients who are often pressed for time. Despite the swift turnaround, we maintain the highest standards of quality in all our translations.

Over the years, Tomedes has successfully completed numerous translations of legal documents, building a robust reputation for reliability and precision in the field of legal industry. Our clients confidently trust us with their most sensitive and critical legal documents, knowing that our translations are not only accurate but also secure and confidential. This proven track record underscores our commitment to excellence and to upholding the highest standards of translation.

The Solution

First, immediately upon receipt of the project, we swiftly assembled a dedicated team of legal linguists. Our proactive approach allowed us to commence work without delay, optimizing our resources and expertise to tackle the complexities of the legal document efficiently. This strategic mobilization was crucial in maintaining the momentum required to meet the tight timeline set by our client, ensuring that every aspect of the translation process was managed effectively.

Second, to guarantee the highest standard of accuracy and compliance with legal norms, our quality assurance involved rigorous and multiple rounds of revisions and checks. This comprehensive process ensured that the translation was not only free from errors but also perfectly aligned with the stringent legal standards required. We are confident in the leve of accuracy we provide in all our translations that we provide a certificate of translation accuracy which ensures that translated legal documents are authentic and quality. Besides this, we provide a 1-year guarantee on ll our projects ensuring that if you ever have concerns, you can contact us and we can make the changes accordingly within the year.

Lastly, Tomedes ensures that if our client has any concerns or changes during the translation process, we will act accordingly and follow through with their requests without any delays. Our responsive customer service and dedication to client satisfaction were demonstrated through our quick resolution of the issue, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and client-centricity. Our responsiveness not only resolved our client's immediate concerns but also reinforced their trust and reliability in our services.

The Result

The major concern of our client was that the sheer number of legal documents and how highly specialized it is would cause delays. However, we were able to accomplish our task hours before the deadline. After evaluating the contents of the documents and having examined them by their international legal team, they were more than satisfied with the accuracy and quality of the Romanian legal translations.

Based on our last conversations with our client, they have informed us that they have already submitted the business operation documents for legal compliance in the Romanian market. They have also now begun using the contracts and NDAs in their business transactions with Romanian clients and partners. They expect to be fully operational within the next couple of months.


This project underscores Tomedes' capability to handle high-pressure translation tasks with aplomb. We not only met the exacting demands of a tight deadline and strict legal requirements but also ensured that the client was fully satisfied with the result. Whether your project is large or small, simple or complex, we are equipped to provide the precision and speed you need.

If you're looking to expand your business into the Romanian market and require expert legal translations, Tomedes is here to support you. Our global success team is available around the clock, ready to assist you at any time and from any location.  To begin immediately, simply reach out to us, and we will provide prompt and professional assistance to ensure your venture's success in Romania.

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