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The translation of legal documents is a skilled service that is frequently in demand from businesses that operate across several countries.

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October 24, 2013

The translation of legal documents is a service that is frequently in demand from businesses that operate across several countries. It is a skilled task and one that only professional translators with legal backgrounds can truly do justice to. 

Tomedes uses professional translators from a wide range of backgrounds to meet our clients’ needs. Translation jobs are not just about changing text from one language to another – they require sympathetic, context-conscious translation in order to convey the full meaning of the original document into the target language. This is what our translation service excels at. 

A new client approached us last week, asking us to translate a legal document from a South American country from Spanish into English. The legal nature of the request meant that we selected our best California-based translator for the task. His background included training and working for three years as a legal secretary before deciding to put his bilingual Spanish and English talent to use as a professional translator. 

The client had a time limit of 12 business days for the translation. This didn’t pose a problem at all for our chap in California. He turned the document around within just six business days – halving the client’s deadline and surprising them with the fast, efficient service that Tomedes had provided. 

The key to Tomedes’ success is human translation – we don’t rely on machines, but use actual people to undertake every element of the work that we do. We use the best and the brightest professional translators that the planet has to offer, in order to guarantee the highest quality results for our clients. 

As a global company, we work 24/7 to ensure that our translation services never stop. No matter what time of day or night, Tomedes translators across the globe are hard at work, providing high quality, professional translation services to international businesses in a vast range of sectors. 

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