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Tomedes recently translated a medical document from Spanish to English for a new client.

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Spanish to English Medical Translation

December 09, 2019

Tomedes’ professional translators serve clients around the globe. From business documents to YouTube videos, we translate whatever our customers need. Recently, that meant translating a medical document from Spanish to English for a new client. 

Accurate Spanish Translation 

The client had a detailed health insurance document that contained both medical terms and financial elements. We knew that keen attention to detail would be required for this translation, so turned to our top Spanish medical translator. Our medical translation services are accurate and responsive, so we knew we would be able to help the client quickly and efficiently. 

The Spanish-English language pairing is one of the most commonly requested by our translation clients and by our interpretation clients. To meet the level of demand, we have built up a network for Spanish translators for both European Spanish and South American Spanish. In fact, we’ve spent over a decade building up a global network of translators and interpreters to cover a huge range of language pairings. 

To put this translation request in context, there are over 400 million native Spanish speakers in the world and around 360 million native English speakers! These vast numbers are the reason behind there being such demand for Spanish to English and English to Spanish translation services! 

In this instance, the client needed to take advantage of our Spanish to English language skills. She chatted with us via the live chat service on the Tomedes website, then sent us her document. One quick translation quote later and we were hard at work translating her medical papers from Spanish to English! 

Tomedes is proud to offer such rapid response times. We appreciate that no client likes to wait around for their translation, so we have worked hard to develop a streamlined service that means we can translate fast. In fact, our clients are often pleasantly surprised by how swiftly they can receive a high-quality translation. 

Medical Translation from Committed Professionals

One of the reasons that Tomedes’ translation services have been so successful over the years is the combination of language skills and specialist knowledge that we offer. It means that those in search of marketing translation have access to relevant skills, just as those looking for app translation do, as well as every translation specialisation in between. 

When it comes to medical translation, our team are consummate professionals. They are committed to keeping their linguistic and medical knowledge fresh through a commitment to lifelong learning. You can read more about how they do this by clicking the link below. 

Not only that, but our medical translators are highly aware of the need to respect personal and ethical boundaries as part of the translation process. Few documents contain such sensitive, personal information as medical files. Personal details like these are one of the reasons that we pay so much attention to the security of our systems across the business. 

In the case of this client, we provided a Spanish translator with a history of producing accurate, timely translations of medical documents. This included work on a number of healthcare insurance documents, so the translator’s experience paired beautifully with the work at hand. 

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Medical Interpretation Services 

In addition to providing medical translation services, Tomedes offers medical interpretation services to clients in a vast range of language pairings. Our interpretation services benefit from the same high standards that we apply to our translation services. That means a commitment to quality, accuracy and first-rate customer service (as well as outstanding language skills, naturally). 

Interpretation services require a different skillset to translation services. While translators are able to take time over crafting the perfectly phrased translation, interpreters must deliver their translations within seconds of hearing what the speaker has to say. In the case of simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter translates at the same time as listening to the speaker – something that many people struggle to do successfully. 

At Tomedes, we work with certified medical interpreters who provide solid experience of working in the healthcare sector. As with our translators, they are committed to ongoing professional development, both in terms of their language skills and in relation to their specialist medical knowledge. The result is a medical interpretation service that our clients can have complete faith in, which is particularly important given the highly personal and sometimes distressing nature of the conversations that can take place with healthcare professionals. 

Language Services for Every Need

By providing such extensive translation and interpretation services, Tomedes meets a wide range of clients’ needs. We also specialise in content writing in multiple languages, multilingual desktop publishing services and much more. You can speak with our team to find out more; we’re available via live chat, email and over the phone. This client was delighted with our professional and reasonably priced medical service. Which of our language services will most delight you?  

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