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Tomedes recently supported a client by providing a Spanish to English translation of her birth certificate

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Spanish to English Legal Translation of a Birth Certificate

May 12, 2020

Over the years, clients have called on Tomedes to provide legal translation services for a huge range of reasons. Most recently, a client accessed our legal translation expertise in order to obtain a translation of her birth certificate. We were delighted to be able to help. 


Professional Document Translation Service

Document translation services meet a wide range of needs. From corporate documents to personal papers such as this client’s birth certificate, sometimes only certified document translation services will suffice. 

In this instance, the client called upon Tomedes to provide her with a professional document translation of her Spanish birth certificate into English. Our legal document translation services cover a wide range of language pairings. Spanish-English is one of the most sought after. You can read a further example of our legal document translation work, this time from English to Arabic, by clicking the link below. 

One of the ways that we ensure the quality of the official document translation work that we undertake is through using our own, established network of highly experienced translators. We’ve spent well over a decade building up that network. We use it to pair translators with jobs based not only on their linguistic ability but also on their relevant experience. 

This means that those who provide our professional document translation services deliver an outstanding job, time after time, as this client found out to her advantage. She was delighted with the service from start to finish, from the speed of her translation to its quality, as well as with the superb customer service provided by our friendly team. 

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Legal Translation by Our Certified Translators 

Tomedes works as a legal translation agency for clients around the world. From helping prepare for court cases to providing certified legal document translation such as was the case with this client, our legal translation services are fast, accurate and reliable. If they weren’t, we wouldn’t offer a one-year guarantee with each and every translation that we undertake! 

For this client, our legal translator got straight to work. The client was in a hurry as she didn’t want any delays to the processing of her paperwork. As such, she needed our legal document translation services to spring into action straight away, which is precisely what they did! 

Providing legal translation solutions often involves acting fast like this. However, that doesn’t mean that speed should come at the expense of accuracy. Indeed, it is essential that legal translation companies such as Tomedes provide accurate documents that will hold up to scrutiny. A single mistranslated phrase could have significant legal ramifications, so clumsy grammar and poor wording are simply not acceptable. 

Those who translate legal documents for Tomedes understand this implicitly. They appreciate that translating speedily does not mean cutting corners. It means providing an outstanding degree of accuracy at a speed that fits with the client’s timetable. 


Spanish to English Translation by Our Native Translators

One of the ways that we ensure we provide such a high degree of accuracy is by using native speakers for our translations. That doesn’t just mean using any old English speaker when we need an English translation. It means using a professional linguist who hails from the country in which the translation is required. 

For this Spanish to English translation, for example, the client needed the document to be produced in US English. As such, we turned to one of our US-based Spanish translators. This meant that the language used in the translation would meet the client’s needs in terms of her geographic region. 

In just the same way, our Spanish to English translation services for clients in the UK, Canada, Australia and other English-speaking countries and territories around the world rely on local, native speakers. That way, we can ensure that each translation is appropriate to the intended audience. 

This is a key part of providing a successful Spanish to English translation service. Using a different country’s version of English would certainly not prevent a document from being understood, but it would show a lack of attention to detail, which is hardly appropriate for the translation of important legal documents. 


Birth Certificate Translation Services 

There are various reasons why clients need to use our birth certificate translation services. Often, their need relates to immigration or employment matters. Moving from one country to another usually means plenty of paperwork to translate, birth certificate included! 

In this instance, the client needed her birth certificate in English, but Tomedes has provided birth certificate translation in a huge range of languages over the years. Our birth certificate translation service is easy to access and produces speedy, accurate results each and every time. This is why so many clients have used it over the years to support their living and working around the globe. 

Those who are in a particular hurry to translate birth certificates to English can access our urgent translation service in order to speed up the process even more. 

Being able to rely on accurate birth certificate translation means peace of mind for clients who need their legal documents in another language. As part of the process, Tomedes can provide a certificate of translation. This verifies the accuracy and authenticity of the translation, so is often useful when it comes to dealing with official bodies. We can certify any translation in this way but find that this service is most commonly sought for birth certificates and similar legal documents. 


If you need support with a legal translation, why not email, call or live chat with the Tomedes team? We’re here to help!




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