Brazilian Portuguese Translation for Multi-Entity Sales Representative Agreements

Tomedes provides fast and accurate Brazilian Portuguese translation solutions for businesses seeking to expand internationally and increase sales. Our team of native translators ensures that the content and documents translated are accurate and resonate with your Brazilian customers. In this project, we exhibit our expertise in translating content from English to Brazilian Portuguese ensuring that it properly conveys the client's message to their target audience.

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Brazilian Portuguese Translation for Multi-Entity Sales Representative Agreements

April 26, 2024

Our Client

Company name: T.F.R Company (Pseudonym)

What does the company do?

The client is a leading global provider of high-tech equipment that's planning to expand its market presence in Brazil.

Deadline set by the client: 4 days

What do they need?

They need to translate English content into Brazilian Portuguese to ensure they achieve the growth of their company in the Brazilian market. They need to translate contracts and legal documents, like agreements, patent documents, NDAs, and operational business requirements while making sure that the translated texts are accurate and up to Brazil's standards and regulations.

The Challenges

There were several challenges in the work: first, the foremost challenge was ensuring the accurate translation of complex legal terminology. This precision is critical as any misinterpretation of these terms could lead to misapplications in legal contexts, potentially jeopardizing the proceedings and outcomes. Second, the project also required the contract to be adapted to mirror Brazilian legal standards and business practices. Third, try to maintain consistency and clarity throughout the document by preventing any legal ambiguities that might arise from inconsistent translation practices.

Tomedes overcame these challenges through two main components: having a robust network of native Brazilian Portuguese translators and legal experts to ensure the content was accurate and complied with local laws and policies. Using advanced translation technology in the translation process for high quality and speed. 

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes is a leading translation company that provides translation and localization solutions for businesses worldwide. We provide Portuguese translations not just the European and Brazilian variants but all variant types of the Portuguese languages.

We pride ourselves on our extensive experience and proven expertise in the field of legal translations, especially into Brazilian Portuguese. This specialization allows us to capture and accurately translate the subtle nuances that are crucial for legal documents in Brazil's complex legal landscape.

Our team consists of seasoned translators and legal professionals who bring a deep understanding of both Brazil's legal and corporate frameworks. This expertise makes them exceptionally capable of managing sophisticated legal documents with precision.

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence is underscored by stringent quality control processes. These protocols are meticulously designed to ensure the highest standards of accuracy and compliance, thus protecting the integrity and reliability of your legal documents. 

The Solution

First, we immediately got started in building a team that consisted of language and legal experts who could be trusted to translate contracts and legal documents into Brazilian Portuguese. Their specialized knowledge ensures that all legal documents are translated with precision and cultural relevance, meeting the specific needs of the Brazilian market.

Second, in addition to our expertise and rigorous quality standards, Tomedes leverages advanced translation tools and technology to enhance both the speed and accuracy of our translations. Our use of cutting-edge software and translation management systems enables us to streamline the translation process, reduce turnaround times, and maintain precision across complex projects.

Lastly, we uphold rigorous quality control processes that guarantee the highest level of accuracy and compliance in all our translations. We are confident in our service that we provide a 1-year guarantee to all our projects.

The Result

We were able to accomplish our task within 4 days of our client's deadline. After evaluating the Brazilian Portuguese translations, they were more than satisfied with how linguistically and culturally accurate the documents were.

Based on our last email correspondence with the client, they have not begun negotiations and have submitted all the documents to the relevant government agencies to get started with their operations within the next couple of months.


The role of expert Brazilian Portuguese legal translation is indispensable in executing international contracts effectively. Our commitment to providing precise and legally astute translation services continues to support global businesses in their expansion endeavors, ensuring that each contract we handle is as effective globally as it is within its home country.

Looking for a reliable contract translation expert in the Brazilian language? At Tomedes we have you covered as our company is available 24/7, regardless of wherever you are. Just get in touch with us and our global customer success team will respond to your inquiry right away.

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