Portuguese to English blog translation

A client decided to translate her blog from Portuguese to English in order to treble her potential audience and revenue.

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Portuguese to English blog translation

April 19, 2017

Writers around the world have discovered that blogging can be an excellent way to not only pursue their passion, but also to make some money out of it. Running a successful and profitable blog takes time and commitment and many bloggers are trying to ensure that they get maximum value from their efforts. 

Professional blog translation is one way to do just that. The subject matter of many blogs is not limited to just one country, so translating your blog into another language can massively increase your audience (and revenue) without any additional time being invested in creating new content. 

This was precisely the thinking behind a recent client’s decision to translate her blog from Portuguese to English. Having developed her own popular site in Lisbon, she was keen to reach out to new audiences in English-speaking countries. There are around 213 native and second language speakers of Portuguese in the world, and roughly 510 million native and second language speakers of English. Thus the blogger would be trebling her potential audience by investing a small amount in using professional translation services. 

The client was also keen to use Tomedes’ localization service when converting her content to English, to avoid any cultural mishaps as a result of the process. 

Tomedes has a network of over 5,000 translation and localization experts based around the world, so we were quickly able to locate the perfect person to support this client in her goal of reaching out to English-speaking audiences. Our translator worked methodically through the site, diligently translating the copy so that the client could have a full, flawless English version of her blog. 

The client was delighted with the result. The English translation allowed her to present her blog to 510 million potential new customers – not a bad result for a small investment in translation! 

If you have a blog or other business document that needs translating, contact the Tomedes team. We have professional linguists on hand, ready to help you use translation to achieve your business goals. 

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