Portuguese to English birth certificate translation

A recent client needed Tomedes to translate her child's birth certificate from Portuguese to English.

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Professional Portuguese Translation

October 25, 2017

Life can throw up all sorts of unexpected circumstances. For one Tomedes client, that meant having her first child while living and working overseas – in Portugal. This meant that the usual paperwork that accompanies this joyous occasion (specifically, registering the birth) was a little more complicated than usual, as the client needed the birth certificate not only in Portuguese, but also in English. Thankfully, Tomedes was on hand to help out through our birth certificate translation service. 

The client came to us having used our online instant quote service. She was looking for a skilled Portuguese to English translator who could provide her with an official copy of her child’s birth certificate in flawless English. 

After discussing the translation process with the helpful Tomedes team, the client decided to opt for certified translation. This meant that she would have an official certificate of translation to use as and when she needed to demonstrate the validity of the English copy of the birth certificate. 

Our translation company got to work straight away. The client was keen to get all of her paperwork in order, so we lost no time in undertaking the Portuguese translation for her. The English version of the birth certificate was professional laid out and presented alongside an official certificate of translation. 

The client was delighted with the result. Not only was she impressed with the translation price, but also with the high quality service and the fast, efficient pace at which the Tomedes team had worked to meet her needs. A very satisfied customer! 

Professional translation can bring a wide range of personal and business advantages. If you think that you could benefit from using a translation service, why not find out today what your translation will cost? It might be less than you think! Speak to the Tomedes team for further details.  

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