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For our latest Tomedes client, Norwegian Bokmål was the order of the day for this business document translation.

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Norwegian to English business translation

November 25, 2018

There are two written forms of Norwegian: “Norwegian Bokmål” and “Norwegian Nynorsk.” The former, which means “book language” is used for business documents and official paperwork. The latter – “new Norwegian” – is the language of rural communities in Norway. Interestingly, the Norwegian government uses Norwegian Bokmål, but has committed to producing at least 25% of documentation in Norwegian Nynorsk. 

For our latest Tomedes client, Norwegian Bokmål was the order of the day. He had three long business documents that needed translating from Bokmål into English, so turned to Tomedes for help – which we were of course delighted to provide. 

Our Norwegian translators cover a vast range of translation specialisms, from legal and medical translation to business and financial translation. Our leading Norwegian business translator was available to start work immediately, and lost no time in getting to grips with the client’s documents. 

It is essential that business translation of this nature is carried out to the highest standards. That’s why only human translators will suffice – machine translation cannot yet be trusted to handle important documents (Tomedes regularly works with clients who have attempted to use machine translation, then turned to a translation company to help sort out the garbled results).

Our Norwegian client was thrilled with Tomedes’ professional approach and excellent customer service. His translations were laid out to mirror the original documents and produce in good time. This meant that the client was able to focus on other areas of his business while the translation took place, safe in the knowledge that his English documents would be precisely what he needed. 

No matter which language pairing you are looking for, or the subject of the content that you need to translate, Tomedes can help. We match our translators’ language skills and experience to our clients’ requests, so you will always have the perfect translator for your particular job. 

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