Norwegian to English business document translation

A client asked professional translation company Tomedes to translate a range of business documents from Norwegian to English for him.

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Norwegian to English business document translation

February 04, 2018

Business translation encompasses a vast range of documents, from marketing brochures to financial spreadsheets. Recently, a client asked Tomedes to translate a range of business documents from Norwegian to English for him, as part of his plans to market his company overseas. His business translation requirements included marketing documents and a legal document, so we used two translators for the task in order to provide the client with expertise in both of these areas. 

The client was in something of a hurry for his translated documents, so opted to use our express translation service. He was delighted at the reasonable translation price quoted and instructed the Tomedes team to get started right away. 

Our Norwegian translation specialists lost no time in getting to work. By using two translators simultaneously, we were able to not only provide the client with dual expertise, but also to reduce the overall time taken for the work. 

Once completed, the translations were checked over by our quality assurance team. This team reviews all work before it is handed over to our clients, to ensure that our stringent quality standards are adhered to at all times.

The client was thrilled with the end result. The English versions of his documents were precisely what he was looking for in order to further his business objectives. He even took advantage of our desktop publishing service so that the English versions of his marketing presentation and brochure were laid out in exactly the same way as the original Norwegian versions. 

Thanks to the quality translation service provided by the Tomedes team, the client was able to pursue business opportunities in the UK in a timely fashion and is enjoying expanding his company to incorporate its first overseas venture. 

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