Translations for Multinational Clinical Trials and Academic Research

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Translations for Multinational Clinical Trials and Research

October 11, 2023

There's been a notable shift towards decentralized clinical trials, making research more adaptable and accessible. This further ensures diversity and inclusivity within clinical research. At the same time, integration of tools (i.e., artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data analytics) are now streamlining stages of research – from patient recruitment to results analysis. This development puts stronger emphasis on having clean and accurate data as to not skew the results of any research.

Collaborations between universities and businesses present a strategic advantage for clinical research. By pooling their expertise and resources together, they effectively accelerate medical innovations from which the general public benefits from.

Our Client

Ranked among the top U.S. public research institutions, our client is a world-class university that is committed to unearthing groundbreaking discoveries. This is further supported by their award-winning faculty and state-of-the-art research facilities, allowing for more than 30 Nobel Prize affiliations. Their holistic and multidisciplinary approach to research spans fields from engineering to life sciences, anthropology, and everything in between.

Our client actively collaborates with key industry players. They ultimately cemented themselves as a pivotal entity in the creation and transfer of technology to businesses. Their position allows them to contribute significantly to the economy of the state they operate in. Furthermore, they currently have the confidence of several significant Fortune 500 companies – securing financial support for their pursuit of clinical innovation.

The Challenge

Researches that span across international locales (or involving multicultural participants) are naturally plagued with linguistic challenges. Through such challenges, professional translation is the only effective workaround. However, the reliance on translation presents additional complexities for the actual research. While translators can effectively bridge the language gap, nuances in wording and context must be addressed to avoid misinterpretations. 

How do we aid this client through language barriers?

  • Providing Full Disclosure to Research Participants: Ensuring transparency requires precise technical translation to relay intricate research details to participants, ensuring their informed participation. At the same time cultural nuances and readability must also be accounted for. Mexican Spanish would not match Puerto Rican Spanish. At the same time, the translated document must be deemed understandable by participants (based on age and educational background).

  • Maintaining the Legal Sanctity of Research Consent Forms: Legal translation is pivotal to ensure that consent forms uphold international and locale-specific legal standards, safeguarding both researchers and participants. Expert native translators have proven to be an effective means to navigate through specific local policies.

  • Translation of Data Collected for Research: To maintain the integrity and accuracy of research findings across diverse populations, rigorous academic translation is vital. It captures both the linguistic and contextual essence of collected data.

Researchers and participants must be allowed to communicate clearly. This is the only means to ensure that the data being collected is accurate data. This also allows each respective research to respect the rights and culture of their participants.

Why Tomedes?

One primary reason is guaranteed accuracy. Professional translation services ensure that complex academic terminologies, methodologies, and findings are translated with precision. This is crucial in academic settings where slight mistranslations can invalidate the research data collected. Given the interdisciplinary nature of academic research, working with translators who are well-versed in specific academic disciplines can be invaluable.

What values do we bring to the table?

  • Expertise in Multiple Niches: Tomedes boasts a diverse pool of translators who specialize in various academic and professional domains. This ensures that translations are not just linguistically accurate but are also sensitive to the specific jargon, tone, and context pertinent to each niche – be it medical, legal, technological, or any other specialized area.

  • Extensive Language Support: With a vast network of linguists, Tomedes can support a wide array of languages, spanning from major world languages to regional dialects. This extensive language capability ensures that no matter where the research originates or is intended for, we have the linguistic expertise to bridge the gap effectively.

  • Secure and Confidential: Recognizing the sensitive nature of academic research and its proprietary value, Tomedes employs robust security protocols to safeguard all translated materials. Client confidentiality is paramount, and measures are in place to ensure that data integrity and privacy are maintained at all times.

Through professional collaborations, our partner is better positioned for global outreach. This does not only help in bolstering our client’s reputation. This also allows marginalized communities across the globe to gain access to treatments/services that are otherwise unavailable to them.

The Result

Through multiple collaborations, our client paves the way for more accessible and affordable clinical treatments. With their focus on decentralized clinical trials, there's an enhanced push for inclusivity and diversity, while ensuring that the medical solutions developed are universally applicable. Our client’s collaboration with key industry players, holds transformative potential for marginalized communities.


With accelerated research immensely shaping today’s clinical research landscape, clear and effective communication remains to be central and at the forefront. Through properly bridging language gaps, translation providers are entities that allow for medical developments in decentralized settings.

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