Enhancing App Usability Through Expert Localization: Hebrew Navigation Bar Translation

Tomedes provides fast and accurate app localization solutions from English to Hebrew for businesses seeking to enter the Israeli market. Our team of native Hebrew localization experts is skilled in localizing apps, navigational bars, and the app's UI/UX to create a platform that resonates with its target users. In this project, we exhibit our expertise in app localization to create an immersive experience for Hebrew-speaking users.

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Hebrew Navigation Bar Localization by Tomedes

April 23, 2024

Our Client

Company name: S.A. Company (pseudonym)

What does the company do?

Our client is a forward-thinking digital enterprise that’s committed to optimizing the user experience for its diverse customer base.

Deadline set by the client: 72 hours

What do they need?

They recognize the importance of localization for their website and app, especially since they're planning to expand into Israel. Because of this, they need an app localization expert specialized in transforming English app content into Hebrew.

The project involved ensuring that the app and its navigation bar could support the Hebrew language, creating a seamless user experience for their customers when they use it. This endeavor requires a comprehensive redesign of the app, not just translating the English content to Hebrew, but also making strategic UX/UI adjustments that will make UX design and content relatable to its Hebrew-speaking audience.

This project also includes a meticulous translation of UI elements and an adaptation of the navigation bar to align with cultural preferences and usage patterns prevalent in the Hebrew market. The localization and design teams work closely together to ensure that every aspect of the navigation bar is intuitive and reflects the right-to-left reading pattern of the Hebrew language, thereby enhancing usability.

Why Tomedes? 

Our client specifically sought out Tomedes because we are the world's leading company in Hebrew translation and localization with almost two decades of industry experience in creating a seamless experience for Hebrew native speakers.

Tomedes offers localization to thousands of companies worldwide needing to localize their content, apps, software, and website to English, Hebrew, and other 150 languages we provide.

Due to our proven track record in enhancing app functionality and user satisfaction through targeted translations, the client decided to entrust this project to us. They were all the more convinced to trust our services because of how well we have integrated state-of-the-art technology while adhering to localization best practices ensuring that every project meets the highest standards of quality and effectiveness.

The Challenges

Tomedes has encountered some challenges: first, maintaining functional consistency and usability despite the linguistic changes, ensuring that the translated elements behaved as expected. Second, adapting UI design from the right-to-left reading pattern of Hebrew, we need to make significant UI design adjustments and rethink the layout. Lastly, ensuring the app resonates on a cultural level while being intuitive and functional for the Hebrew users.

Tomedes has overcome these challenges through its broad network of localization experts who have experience in localizing apps. The usage of advanced localization technology creates a streamlined process and ensures that every phase in the localization follows our standards and what the client envisions. Lastly, with our localization, we ensure that the UX/UI of the localized app will resonate with its Hebrew-speaking users. 

The Result

The client received the finished output within the 72-hour deadline. After reviewing the content and how the UI/UX of the localized app, they were very satisfied with the outcome.

The implementation of the Hebrew-translated navigation bar was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. The intuitive design and localized content significantly improved the app's usability, enhancing the overall user experience.

Based on our last conversation, they informed us that they have tried having an A/B testing from their end, and received a lot of positive feedback from Hebrew-speaking test groups. They hope that once they have officially launched their Hebrew localized app it will lead to an increase in engagement, boost app retention, and improve user satisfaction, solidifying our client’s position in the digital market.


The successful localization of app interfaces, like the navigation bar translation from English to Hebrew, underscores the importance of expert knowledge in expanding market reach and enhancing user engagement.

You can contact us any time if you want to get a high-quality app localization. Our global customer success team is always available to accommodate any inquiries you have. 

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