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Through institutional support, refugees/immigrants are allowed to better integrate. Tomedes bridges communication gaps with these stakeholders.

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Legal Language Support: NGO for Refugees and Immigrants

August 22, 2023

As of 2019, approximately 44.9 million immigrants lived in the U.S., accounting for about 13.7% of the population. This figure encompasses both legal and unauthorized immigrants from various countries. Refugee admissions – which was capped at 18,000 – was relatively low by 2020, having admitted only 11,814 individuals in the U.S. Upon the start of the Biden administration, the U.S government has since raised this cap to 125,000 admissions in 2022.

Numerous NGOs in the U.S. support immigrant and refugee communities through various means – legal aid, healthcare, education, and more. More popular examples include the IRC, which offers emergency aid and rehabilitation; USCRI, focusing on rights and resettlement; RAICES, providing low-cost legal services; and World Relief, working with local partners for resettlement and employment. There are also other NGOs that focus on specific demographics (i.e., by age, sex, gender, ethnicity, etc.). These collective efforts of these institutions contribute greatly to the overall wel-lbeing and integration of the immigrant and refugee population in the U.S.

Our Client

Our partnering organization has also committed itself to aiding refugees, immigrants, and vulnerable individuals in becoming productive community members, allowing them to be self-sufficient in the long run. For over 30 years, it has provided social, cultural, and educational support to refugee communities.

Said support come in the form of: housing and transportation assistance, health screenings, school enrollment, language classes, and job training. They have successfully helped more than 20,000 refugees. Through collaborating with various organizations, religious institutions, and government agencies, the organization's comprehensive aid has been a beacon of hope for many individuals and families.

The Challenge

Naturally, language barriers exist for NGOs supporting multilingual and multicultural communities. This hampers them from effectively communicating with and potently extending aid to their stakeholders. Having such a holistic list of services for communities from different ethnic backgrounds does not bode well for them, if seen through a logistical lens.

As such, these institutions often require translation services. Their most common needs include:

- Support for multiple languages

- Translation of legal documents for official processes

- Culturally sensitive translations of assets

Why Tomedes

Translation providers mitigate linguistic challenges in NGOs, facilitating clear and effective communication with any of their stakeholders. Our commitment to accuracy, transparency, and inclusion drove our partnering organization towards us. 

What additional value do we bring to the table?

- We support more than 150 languages. This effectively means that any language barrier experienced by our partner can be mitigated easily.

- We are an accredited translation service provider. As such, all translators within our network are licensed. This makes our translations valid for official processes.

- We deploy professional native translators for any given field. This is so that our partners are ensured that they get pristine and culturally-sensitive translations.

The Result

Through our services, our client enhances communication, accessibility, and cultural sensitivity for refugees in the U.S. By bridging language barriers with accurate translations. We ensure that refugees receive tailored, comprehensive support, easing their integration into society, ensuring their well-being and self-sufficiency.


We are truly grateful to our partnering NGO for allowing us to support them in their vital work to foster community integration and empowerment. We always take pride in being part of such noble causes.

Partner with us if you need solutions to any unique linguistic and cultural needs. If you see the value we can bring to your endeavors, get in touch with our dedicated customer support and get your needs acknowledged today.


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