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A recent client called on Tomedes' expertise to assist him with a legal translation from Latvian to English.

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Latvian to English Legal Translation

November 25, 2019

A recent client called on Tomedes’ expertise to assist him with a legal translation from Latvian to English. We assigned our leading Latvian translator to the task. She got to work straight away, eager to provide a first-rate translation in line with the client’s deadline. 

Professional Latvian Translation 

The Latvian language has around 1.3 million native speakers, largely concentrated in Latvia. Some 1.16 million Latvians speak it as their primary language at home, while the Constitution of Latvia enshrines it in law as the official state language (along with the indigenous Livonian language and the written Latgalian language). 

Latvian is also spoken as a second language by many of Latvia’s 700,000 immigrant and minority residents. 

Latvian is an Eastern Baltic language. Its nearest living linguistic relative is Lithuanian, though Latvian’s development has been more rapid than Lithuanian and the two languages are not mutually intelligible. 

For those with an interest in linguistic history, Latvian (and Baltic languages more widely) is of particular interest. That’s because it includes plentiful examples of archaic features that were once present in the earliest Proto-Indo-European language. Latvian has also been heavily influenced by German, as a result of Latvia’s Baltic German population in the 19th century. 

Those translating Latvian have three different dialects to contend with: the Livonian, Middle and High Latvian dialects. Our recent client’s translation was from Middle Latvian (as spoken in the central and southwestern areas of the country) into UK English. 

We used a native English speaker for this Latvian to English translation, as our extensive experience has shown that using a native speaker for the target language results in a higher quality translation. Interestingly, Latvian is considered a hard language for English-speakers to master, due to its significant differences from English. Thankfully, it posed no such difficulties for our Latvian translator, who had grown up speaking both languages! 

Legal Translation Expertise 

As well as requiring excellent Latvian language skills, our client also needed legal expertise for his translation job. With a global network of translators at our fingertips, including a rich diversity of translation specialisms, Tomedes was well positioned to find the perfect individual. 

An expert in both English and Latvian legal terminology, our translator was able to hit the ground running when it came to the client’s document. Having the right expertise on hand meant that we were able to translate his document accurate, efficiently and in good time. 

This is one of the reasons that Tomedes places so much emphasis on maintaining a network of language professionals who hail from different backgrounds. Our network includes medical translators, specialists in marketing translation, video translators and any number of skilled business translation experts. In fact, it was the latter whose knowledge was required for a previous Latvian translation that we completed – this one with a business focus. 

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When it comes to legal translation, we are proud to provide specialist knowledge in a wide range of language pairings. Our legal translators work around the globe, meaning that we are able to offer 24/7 legal translation as standard. Tomedes’ legal translation, like all of our translation work, is backed by our one-year quality guarantee. 

We are also able to provide certificates of translation for the legal documents that we deliver. Certified translation is a way of affirming the authenticity of a translation. For legal matters, this is a regular requirement, but we’re also happy to provide certificates of translation for birth and marriage certificates, financial documents, educational achievement certificates and any other documents for which our clients need the translation certified.

High Quality Translation Services 

One of the cornerstones of our translation and interpretation business is the provision of high-quality services. Tomedes provides a wide range of translation services, in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Whether we’re undertaking a business translation or a personal translation, our commitment to quality never wavers. 

We are also fully committed to delivering outstanding customer service. That’s why each client not only has a professional translator working on their project, but also a dedicated account manager who is available to answer any queries they may have. We also have a rigorous internal quality control system for all of our translated materials. 

The result of all this effort? Happy clients! This client was particularly pleased – the quality of his translation was superb, and the service had been warm, professional and courteous. And all for a great translation price! 

Would you like to join the ranks of happy Tomedes clients? You can email, call or live chat with us to let us know about your translation needs. There’s also an instant quote button on our website, so that you can find out in seconds what your translation will cost. We’re confident you’ll be delighted with our translation services, so why not give us a try today? 

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