English to Latvian business translation

A recent client approached Tomedes as he needed help with a Latvian business translation.

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English to Latvian business translation

May 16, 2018

Latvian – also known as Lettish – has around 1.4 million native speakers, almost all of whom reside within Latvia. It is one of only two living Baltic languages (the other being Lithuanian).

A recent client approached Tomedes as he needed help with a Latvian business translation. With family connections to Latvia, he was looking to expand his company interests by opening an office in Latvia, with a view to spending more time there. However, while his spoken Latvian was good, his written Latvian lagged behind somewhat. As he wanted his business documents to be perfect, he sought out Tomedes to undertake his Latvian translation. 

Our policy is to maintain a network of trained, experience language professionals based all over the world. That way, we can deliver accurate, professional translation services for clients who want a wide range of language pairings. While English to Latvian translation is not one of our most frequently sought after services, we knew we had the perfect Latvian business translator in our network. 

The translator got to work immediately, wasting no time in translating the client’s documents into flawless Latvian. She even noticed a couple of typos in the English-language version of the documents, which the client appreciated her mentioning. 

The result was the timely completion of the client’s business papers, which he is now using to further his corporate interests in Latvia. He was delighted with the speed of the Tomedes translation service, as well as with the great value for money that the service offered. As his Latvian operation evolves, he has pledged to send his next translation job to Tomedes too. 

If you have a business document that needs translating (or, indeed, any other type of document), let the Tomedes team know. We cover a huge range of language pairings and specialisms, so don’t be shy – give us a call today. 

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