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A client asked Tomedes to support her studies with an academic translation from Latin to English.

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Professional Latin Translation

February 14, 2018

Latin is used around the world in religious, medicinal and academic contexts. Despite that, it is classed as a ‘dead language’ on account of it having no native speakers – it is only used by those who have learned it as a second (or third, or fourth!) language. 

Though it may lack native speakers, the fact that Latin is still used means that Latin translation services can often come in handy. This was the case recently, when a Tomedes client asked us to support her with an academic translation from Latin to English.  

The client was working on an academic project that included both religious and historical elements. She needed to understand a particular text that was written in Latin, but did not speak the language herself. As such, she turned to Tomedes for help. 

The client used our online quote service to find out the price of her translation before speaking with our team. Once she had satisfied herself as to the translation rate, she asked Tomedes to go ahead with the work. 

Our leading Latin translator got started straight away. She had extensive experience of educational translation, so was ideally suited to the job at hand. The result was an accurate translation delivered in a timely fashion – and another very happy Tomedes customer! At the client’s request, we also issued a certificate of translation, which we are happy to do for any document that we translate. 

Whether you need a translation into a living language or a dead one, the Tomedes team can help. Our professional translators cover a vast range of language pairings and work across a variety of sectors, from academic translation to business translation. You can contact the Tomedes team today to discuss your translation needs, or use our website to get an instant idea of the translation cost for your project. We look forward to working with you! 

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