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Korean to English technical translation

July 06, 2016

By Ofer Tirosh

A regular client recently asked Tomedes to undertake a technical translation for his new electronics product, encompassing snippets of text for use within the product itself (such as for on-screen menus) and a full information manual detailing how to use it. We were delighted to be able to assist. 

The client had used Tomedes on several occasions previously and been delighted with the standard of our Korean to English translation. He had a great sales network in place between his electronics company in South Korea and the English-speaking countries where he sold his products and was preparing to launch his latest gadget. 

One of the reasons this client keeps returning to Tomedes is our commitment to using human translation rather than machine translation. Phrase-based statistical machine translation, which has for many years formed the backbone of the machine translation approach, is gradually being phased out due to its inability to produce natural-sounding language and its tendency to produce mistakes. 

Artificial neural networks are now being used to advance machine translation, with the networks able to translate words, learn metaphors and interpret the meaning behind the language used. At least, that’s the theory. Gendered nouns and languages which don’t use plurals, pronouns or verb tenses in the same way are still problematic, hence Tomedes’ emphasis on always using professional human translators. Machine translation will no doubt get there one day, but it’s not there yet. 

For this client, our leading Korean to English translator got to work straight away. He had previously worked on this client’s account and so was familiar with the product line and expectations (we always endeavour to provide consistency like this for regular clients). 

The client also wanted his product information booklet typeset, a service we are delighted to provide as part of our desktop publishing service. This means we are able to recreate the format of the original document, in this case providing the English version of the information booklet laid out to perfectly mirror the original Korean version. 

For all of your business translation needs, Tomedes is here to help. Contact us today by phone, email or our webchat service, or obtain an instant quote online. 

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