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Japanese to English Audio Translation

February 24, 2020

By Ofer Tirosh

A client recently asked Tomedes for a Japanese to English audio translation for her website. We were delighted to be able to provide a suitable qualified and experienced Japanese translator at a moment’s notice, ensuring that we lost no time in getting to work on delivering a high quality translation for the client to use on her website. 

Expert Japanese Translation Services 

Did you know that Japanese is the third most-used language on the internet? Despite being only the ninth language globally in terms of speaker numbers, it is used by nearly 10% of internet users. Only English and Spanish have more internet users than Japanese. 

Our client was well aware of this fact, having run a popular Japanese-language website for some time. Now, she was in the process of capturing the attention of English-speaking web users, having translated her website from Japanese to English. Part of her strategy was to regularly update the site with English-language content – hence the Japanese to English audio translation that she asked Tomedes to provide. 

Tomedes has been providing translations into and out of Japanese for over a decade. English-Japanese is one of our most regularly requested language pairings. As such, we have a network of Japanese translators on hand to deal smoothly and efficiently with all manner of Japanese translations. This means that whether our clients want legal expertise or a video game translation, they can quickly access the skills that they need (for an example of our video game translation service, click on the link below). 

In this instance, our Japanese translator was available to start work at once, so we lost no time in getting to grips with the client’s audio file. 

Japanese is a fascinating language. For years it was considered to be a language isolate, having evolved from the language spoken by the Yamato people, who formed Japan’s first dynasty some 1,500 years ago. However, some linguists now believe it to be related to the indigenous Ryukyuan languages of southern Japan, given the number of common roots between them. 

While the Japanese writing system puts many learners off (it’s notoriously complex), the spoken language at least has the advantage of not conjugating verbs by person or number, making it easier to pick up than many other languages (at least in terms of its verbs!). Learners also have to contend with the pace of the language though – Japanese is one of the fastest spoken languages, with one study showing that Japanese speakers average 7.84 syllables per second! 

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Professional Audio Translation 

Audio translation is a skilled art, requiring a mix of language and admin skills. Successful audio translators need to be able to transcribe as well as translate – and the most successful can transcribe quickly and accurately. These are the transcriptionists with whom Tomedes works. 

In the case of this client, our Japanese translator made short work of transcribing the client’s audio file, then set about translating it into English. The client had a voice actor ready to record the English-language version of the file, so we made sure that the translation was produced with all due speed. 

Multilingual Content Writing Services

The client also spoke to us about our multilingual content writing services. At present she is producing blog content in her native Japanese and then translating it. However, she was keen to focus a batch of articles specifically on issues affecting the English market, so was seeking an English-language content writer in order to produce the blog posts she had in mind. 

This is something that Tomedes is able to handle as part of the raft of language services that we provide. We can deliver unique content in the language or languages that our clients need, as well as translating content that’s already been written. Those producing our content are professional writers who have top notch research skills, so can turn their hands to a wide range of subjects. Whether it’s a detailed report on a country’s property market or a blog post on the latest fashion tips, we can deliver bespoke content to tight deadlines. 

This client is particularly keen to begin developing unique content for the English version of her blog, so we look forward to supporting her with that process. 

Language Services for International Businesses 

The team here at Tomedes has spent more than a decade shaping our services to meet the needs of clients around the world. To help them connect with customers of their own, we’ve built up a global translation, localization and interpretation business. Our work also encompasses content writing, desktop publishing and even the provision of customer support services in multiple languages. 

If your business is in need of language services, it’s time to talk to Tomedes. We’re here to assist with all of your linguistic needs. Just call, email or live chat with us to find out more.  

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