Japanese to English video game translation

Tomedes was asked to undertake the Japanese to English translation of a video game, which the developer was planning to launch to new audiences.

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January 11, 2017

Video game translation and app translation services have exploded as technology has expanded. From spoken language to subtitles, translation is key to enabling game developers to maximise their profits and boosting the global reputations of their products. 

Recently, Tomedes was asked to undertake the Japanese to English translation of a video game, which the developer was planning to present to new audiences after a successful launch in his native language. 

Tomedes has a network of more than 5,000 professional translators, whose skills cover a vast range of languages and disciplines. We have video game and app translators on hand for many language pairings and finding the perfect Japanese to English translator was not a problem. 

Happily, our translator was available to start work immediately, so lost no time in getting to grips with the text-based translation of this client’s video game. As the client was on a tight timescale, he had used our urgent translation service, so that his game could be completed in line with his English-language launch schedule. 

The client had already used the Tomedes word count ratio tool to get an idea of the difference between the two languages. By using it, he discovered that 1,000 words of Japanese equates to around 420 words of English, so he had factored in some time to reduce the size and shape of the speech bubbles used within his game – no small undertaking! 

Our translator worked quickly and accurately to translate the game, drip-feeding the translated text back to the developer a chunk at a time, as per his request. The system worked well and the developer was delighted at the speed of progress. He was able to complete his launch schedule on time and take his game forward in line with his plans. 

For all of your translation tasks, contact us today. Our team of professional translators are waiting to assist you. 

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