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A recent Tomedes client appointed our translation agency to translate a document from Italian to English for him.

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Italian to English Document Translation

October 28, 2019

A recent Tomedes client appointed our translation agency to translate a document from Italian to English for him. He was applying to study at a UK university and needed to show evidence of his Italian qualifications. We were delighted to be able to help. 

Professional Italian Translation Services 

Tomedes has been providing professional Italian translation services for over a decade. We cover Italian to English translation as part of our wide array of European language offerings. In this instance, the client needed one of our expert Italian-English translators. 

Our policy is to use native speakers of the target language when we perform translation work. In this case, that meant using a Native English speaker who was also fluent in Italian. We had just the right translator based in London, which, as it happened, was precisely where the client wanted to study. 

The UK is a popular place for international students to attend university. In fact, it is second only to the US in terms of the size of its international student population. Study International reports that there are 1,078,822 international students in the US and 501,045 in the UK (the next country in the ranking is China, with 442,773 international students). 

The majority of foreign students who come to the UK choose to study in England. In 2017/18, 377,140 members of the UK’s total international student population were studying in England. 

Document Translation for the Education Sector 

Those coming to the UK to study have to satisfy their chosen university’s entrance criteria, just as domestic students do. Our document translation services cover a wide range of educational documents, from single-page qualification certificates to entire theses. For the latter, we ensure that our translators’ experience pairs with the educational document in question – so we provide scientific translators for scientific theses, business translation experts for theses on business topics and so forth. 

In this instance, all that the client needed translated (at this point in the process) was his diploma certificate. The pass grade achieved as part of attaining the Italian diploma determines what the qualification is equivalent to in the UK. A Diploma di Esamo di Stato with an overall average pass grade of at least 84%, for example, is equivalent to achieving grades of A, A and B at A Level in the UK. An overall average pass grade of at least 80% equates to ABB, 75% to BBB and so on. The pass rate required to access particular courses will vary from course to course and university to university. 

The quality of the UK’s higher education system is the main attraction for many international students, just as it is for those who go to the US to study. Both countries charge an eye-watering amount for the privilege of that higher education. 

In the UK, international students can pay more than three times the amount that domestic students do to attend the same course. Fees are capped at £9,250 per year for students from the UK and the EU (at present – with Brexit rumbling on, nobody can say for certain what’s going to happen there). However, students from elsewhere can pay as much as £38,000 for the most expensive degrees (those being medical degrees, according to the Reddin Survey of University Tuition Fees). 

Naturally, UK universities are therefore very keen to court students from overseas! 

The Importance of Certified Translation Services 

Our Italian client requested a certificate of translation to accompany the English version of his diploma. Tomedes provides certified translation services for all manner of projects, so this didn’t pose a problem for us. 

Universities, local authorities, government departments and more commonly request a certificate of translation when they ask an individual to provide a translation of their official documents. The certificate of translation is used to show that the translation in question is a genuine copy of the original document – in this case, the client’s diploma certificate. It is a way for the official body in question to assure themselves of the authenticity of the translation. 

Document Translation Services to Meet Every Need 

This client is just a single example of the work that Tomedes undertakes every day to support people to live, work, study and holiday across international borders. Our document translation services have helped clients to grow their businesses, move countries, undergo medical procedures and so much more. 

We pride ourselves on matching our talented linguists with jobs that dovetail with their experience – doing so makes for happier translators and higher quality translations, so everybody wins. 

Tomedes also provides interpretation services, copywriting services and desktop publishing services. Our aim is to meet all of our clients’ language-related needs, no matter what they may be. 

As such, if you have a translation or interpretation job, or need a multilingual copywriter or desktop publishing expert, it’s time to contact Tomedes. We’ll assign you a dedicated account manager and provide 24/7 support. Why not call us today to find out more? 

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