Inclusive Education through Academic Translation with Tomedes

Tomedes provides fast and accurate academic translation solutions from English to Twi for institutions seeking to make education more accessible for students worldwide. Our team of native translators ensures that educational and academic content will become accessible in different languages, especially in rare languages like Twi. In this project, we exhibit our expertise in academic translation for manuals, workbooks, and other educational content from English to Twi to create an engaging and inclusive environment for students.

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Inclusive Education through Academic Translation with Tomedes

April 24, 2024

The Client

Company name: T.P.A. (pseudonym)

What does the company do?

The client is a well-known educational institution that is committed to making education and academic material more accessible to students worldwide.

Deadline set by the client: 48 hours

What do they need?

Our client needs comprehensive translation of academic materials from English to Twi, targeting an array of educational resources including manuals, workbooks, and other pertinent content.

The goal of this project is to ensure that these translations not only linguistically align with, but also culturally resonate with Twi-speaking students, educators, and the broader communities served by their organization.

By meticulously tailoring the academic content to reflect the cultural and linguistic nuances of the audience, the initiative aims to significantly enhance the learning experience. This approach is designed to make education more accessible and inclusive, fostering a deeper understanding and greater engagement among students. 

Why Tomedes?

Tomedes is the go-to translation company for thousands of businesses and organizations that need to translate content into the Twi language and the other 150 rare languages that aren't usually offered by other providers.

With our broad network of translators from all around the world, our team can accurately and efficiently manage several multilingual projects simultaneously, ensuring that every translation meets the highest standards of quality and relevance.

The reason why our client decided to work with us is because of our reputation in the industry for providing high-quality academic translations for rare languages like Twi. Our team of native Twi translators always makes sure the academic content they're translating is both accurate and resonates with its target audience. We are confident in the quality of our translations, so we offer a 1-year quality guarantee on all our projects. 

The Challenges

Tomedes has encountered some challenges: first, maintaining academic integrity by ensuring that the technical accuracy and intended meaning of academic texts were preserved in Twi was paramount. Second, making sure that the educational content was adapted that align the Twi native speakers on a cultural level without distorting the original educational objectives.

Lastly, achieving consistency across different academic disciplines. We have to ensure that the translated educational content is consistent linguistically and doesn't contradict how the educational institution's approach to educating its students.

The Result

We were able to accomplish our task within the 48-hour deadline. After evaluating the content, our client was more than pleased with the output. With how quickly we were able to do the task, they could now immediately implement the new translated academic materials and content for their new curriculum.

Based on our last conversation, they saw a boost in engagement from their Twi-speaking students and the local community. They look forward to more collaborative projects like this one with us in the future. 


The project demonstrated the challenges and benefits of translating academic materials, especially for rare languages like Twi. It is only through translation services that academic institutions can empower non-English speaking students and become more engaged in school activities and learning. Translating content for rare languages can be tricky due to how these low-resource languages aren't supported by several translation technologies. Nonetheless, it highlights how translation providers are vital in ensuring local communities like the one served by our client can expand their educational opportunities amidst this struggle.

Looking for a reliable academic translation expert for rare languages? At Tomedes we have you covered as our company is available 24/7, regardless of wherever you are. Just get in touch with us and our global customer success team will respond to your inquiry right away.

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