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Tomedes can prevent embarrassments that arise when localized marketing campaigns are not applied to foreign markets. We have performed many marketing and advertisement translations for many types of business.

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The Importance of Localized Marketing and Advertising

June 03, 2010

Prevent Embarrassment with Localized Marketing Translation Service

While most businesses realize the importance and value of expanding marketing campaigns to foreign markets, it can be a risky business without the proper professional marketing translation service. Accurate marketing campaign translation and localization is essential; not only within the language it is translated to, but it must also be appropriate for the cultural context.

Thousands of marketing campaigns have embarrassed their company because they did not do their homework thoroughly when it came to marketing translation. For example, Pepsi showed us that even multi-billion dollar corporate giants can offend foreign markets when they do not use professional advertising localization. They were sued by an Indian city court in 2004, for advertising a commercial which to the local Indian market, portrayed glorified child labor. Whether it was improper translation from English to Hindi, or just negligent marketing localization, the lawsuit - and the loss of the entire Indian market - could have been avoided by employing experienced Hindi translation services and translators.

To get a free quote for any localized marketing translation service, simply upload your files using the menu on the left. You'll be provided with an instant estimate of our affordable translation prices.

As another example, translation from English to Irish was botched by a telecom company marketing campaign to the Northern Ireland market. In the mid-90's, a telecom company called "Orange," had a famous winning slogan: "The future is bright.... the future is Orange." When "Orange" took their telecom marketing slogan and campaign to Northern Ireland without the use of professional localized translation service - it did not go over well with the Irish Catholic population. For them, reference to "Orange" in such a context referred to the Orange Order, or Protestant Loyalists. So to the Irish Catholic, the slogan read, "The future is Orange, the future is Protestant Loyalist.” You can imagine the offense taken by what seemed like a very slanted, bipartisan telecom ad. Even when the languages are mutually intelligible, advertisement translation and localization should still be applied.

Always Use Professional Marketing Translation Service

Mistranslations in Spanish advertising have recently been on the news, on several occasions. As available and prevalent as English to Spanish translation is, you would think marketing campaigns would go the extra mile and use professional Spanish marketing translation, to prevent embarrassing mistranslations. It was obvious that when the "Got milk?" ad campaign asked the Latin American market, "Are you lactating?" - that they did not hire any kind of professional translation company. If it was the translation cost they were worried about, it's unlikely they were aware that Tomedes has the lowest translation rates available from any top translation company.

With global, professional translation service in any language, and the most affordable translation prices possible, Tomedes removes all excuses for any marketing department to embarrass themselves ever again.

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