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A new client recently approached Tomedes as he needed his television programme translated from English to Hebrew

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Hebrew Video Translation for Every Platform and Project Scale

May 25, 2016

page updated January 12, 2023

A new client recently approached Tomedes as he needed his television programme translated from English to Hebrew. With a series of episodes to translate, this was a large undertaking. 

We are often asked to provide Hebrew video translations, for everything from YouTube videos to websites. While Ancient Hebrew was extinct by 400 BC, Modern Hebrew was revived in the 19th century and today has 4.4 million native speakers within Israel and more than 500,000 elsewhere in the world (220,000 of whom are based in the US). It is spoken as either a first or a second language by all 8.2 million Israelis and is one of the country’s two official languages (along with Arabic). 

For this client, his compelling documentary series had struck a chord with Israeli viewers in the US and opened up the possibility of airing his programme to a much wider audience of Hebrew speakers in Israel, hence the request for Tomedes to translate it. 


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Tomedes has more than 5,000 professional translators around the world, operating a 24/7 service to meet our clients’ needs. Our top Hebrew translator, who had previously undertaken a range of media translations for Tomedes, was keen to take on the job. He got to work immediately, translating his way methodically through each episode in the series. At the client’s request, the translations were delivered to him episode by episode as they were completed, rather than as an entire batch at the end of the job. 

The client was thrilled by the quality of the translations that Tomedes provided and by the speed of our turnover time. Our professional translation service enabled him to share his programme far more widely than he originally intended and opened up a whole new audience to him.


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As well as translation of each of the programmes, the client was also looking for a professional localization service, so that his content would be appropriate to its new audience, just as it was to its original viewers.

Thankfully the Tomedes team was more than up to the task! As a professional localization company we have a team who are experts in advising on what is and is not suitable in terms of language for clients around the world. Contact us to let us know how we can help you too!

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