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Professional Hebrew Translation

December 27, 2017

By Ofer Tirosh

Companies and individuals around the world use real estate translation on a daily basis in order to successfully buy and sell property. Real estate translation can also assist in cases where an individual has inherited a property in another country, where a property is being rented out to foreign tenants and in many other situations.  

Recently, a new client approached Tomedes about using our Hebrew translation service in order to assist him in managing the purchase of a property. The documents relating to the property were all in Hebrew, but the client wanted to read them in English, as his grasp of that language was much greater than that of Hebrew. 

Given the cost and long-term commitment of buying a property, it’s not surprising that there is such demand for real estate translation. Our translation company has worked with clients in numerous countries in order to make the purchase process easier by delivering information in the most suitable language for the buyer. 

The official nature of the paperwork led this client to ask for a certified translation. This is something that Tomedes is always happy to provide. We can issue a certificate of translation for any job. It confirms formally that the translation provided is an accurate representation of the original document. 

As this client was already committing to the purchase of an entire property, the cost of a translation seemed very small in comparison. However, Tomedes still ensured that he was given a great translation price for the job at hand, as we always like to deliver value for money for our clients, no matter what they may need translated. 

The client was extremely satisfied with the service he received. His certified translations were produced to our usual exacting standards and issued to him in advance of his deadline. Another very happy Tomedes customer! 

If you have a real estate document that needs translation, or indeed any other kind of personal or business translation, Tomedes can help. Contact us for further details. 

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