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A client needed a business letter translated to help her organise an event for her company.

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Hebrew to English business letter translation

July 27, 2016

From many companies, the importance of translating business letters and emails has never been greater. Whether its reaching out to new customers, working with existing customers or liaising with overseas suppliers, business letter translation plays an important role in the modern workplace. 

A Tomedes client recently found this out first-hand. Her company was arranging an event in Istanbul, which would include speakers from various locations around the world. She had written to the local speakers in Hebrew, but wanted to communicate with the others in English. While she spoke good English, she was worried that her written language skills were not up to the task of a formal corporate communication. Enter Tomedes! 

Our Hebrew to English translators are highly experienced at dealing with letters, emails, reports and all manner of other business documents. We always use professional human translators for such tasks, as machine translation can’t reach our high standards of accuracy. 

For this client, we assigned our leading Hebrew translator, based in North London. His corporate translation experience was excellent and we knew he would produce a perfect English version of the letter. Our faith in him turned out to be spot on – our quality assurance team didn’t find a single typo in the English version of the letter that he produced. 

The client was relieved that Tomedes was able to contribute to her event planning in this way. With a great many tasks to undertake, she was grateful that her business letter translation was so quickly and easily ticked off the list. She was also pleased to know that Tomedes could be relied upon to provide her with a fast and efficient translation service whenever she needed it while planning her event, giving her peace of mind and ensuring that she was in control of this aspect of the project. 

Tomedes specialises in corporate translation for a wide range of language pairings. We use native speakers for excellent results. Get an instant quote today to find out how little our services could cost your business.   

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