Hebrew Contract Translations for Seamless Leases and Overseas Operations

Accurate real estate translation is key to productive international working. Tomedes’ recent legal translation for a real estate client highlighted this.

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Hebrew Contract Translations for Seamless Leases and Overseas Operations

January 30, 2024

Achieving clear communication through accurate translation is essential in a wide range of industries – including global real estate. Only through clarity and careful attention to detail can mutual understanding be assured. For those businesses collaborating on multi-million-dollar and multi-billion-dollar projects, that mutual understanding is essential in ensuring everything from site safety to healthy profits for investors.

Our Client

A prominent player in the real estate sector, our client is known for its exceptional attention to detail and commitment to fostering transparent communication. As such, when the client identified a need for a Hebrew legal contract translation, it was keen to collaborate with a language service provider that demonstrated these same commitments. Knowledge of real estate terminology, along with legal jargon, needed to be paired with a business ethos and dedication to customer service that mirrored the client’s own.

The Project

The client needed Tomedes to undertake a Hebrew contract translation. Accurate translation was essential in facilitating smooth communication between multiple parties involved in a real estate project.

Translating the contractor agreement from Hebrew to English meant that all parties could clearly understand the commitments outlined in the documents. The translation overcame language barriers to enable smooth collaboration between the different parties, ultimately leading to the successful progression of an ambitious international real estate venture. 

Translating Contractor Agreement with MTPE

The client was happy to embrace technology in the translation sector, just as it has played a leading role in doing so in the construction sector. For its contractor agreement, the client opted to use machine translation with Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) for optimal accuracy.

Taking this approach to its Hebrew legal contract translation meant the client could ensure all legal terms and contractual nuances were translated seamlessly. This meant the client could proceed with confidence in fostering clear communication in its international commercial real estate collaborations. Using MTPE delivered the ideal blend of speed, accuracy, and value for money. 

The Challenges

There are several challenges inherent to legal translation, which in this case included:

Legal Terminology Precision: Maintaining the precision of legal terminology when translating from Hebrew to English was vital for contractual clarity.

Cultural Nuances and Legal Systems: We had to adapt the translation to align with differences in legal systems, ensuring the contractor agreement is legally sound and culturally appropriate while also translating faithfully.

Maintaining Contractual Integrity: It was crucial to preserve the original legal, contractual intent during translation.

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Why Tomedes?

Tomedes’ expertise in legal translations and commitment to delivering accurate, reliable, and timely results, meant we were ideally positioned to meet the client’s Hebrew contract translation needs. Our commitment to customer service and our understanding of the value of dynamic, long-term business relationships set us apart. So, too, did our extensive experience of handling complex linguistic projects through our MTPE service. All of this ensured the client could trust Tomedes to deliver an accurate, timely translation of its contractor agreement. 

The Result

By prioritizing accuracy in its Hebrew contract translation, the client facilitated a smoother collaboration with multiple third parties. The carefully nuanced legal translation mitigated any misunderstandings by ensuring clarity over each party’s contractual obligations. This reduced the overall level of risk relating to the collaborative real estate venture. It also helped build a solid foundation of trust between all parties.

Ambitious real estate projects of this nature can be particularly sensitive to delays. Potential profits have already been impacted by rising material and labor costs around the globe in the past couple of years. Timely, accurate translation was therefore essential in supporting the client to move forward swiftly and cost-effectively. 


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