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Tomedes’ machine translation post-editing services enable your business to manage high translation volumes, maximise quality and reduce time-to-market. Learn more today.

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Tomedes’ machine translation post-editing services enable your business to manage high translation volumes, maximise quality and reduce time-to-market. Our international business to business (B2B) experience and global network of language professionals mean we can tailor our expertise to the unique needs of your business.

Machine Translation Post-Editing Services

Tomedes provides machine translation (MT) post-editing services to businesses around the world. We can support your business to achieve the perfect blend of speed, accuracy and affordability.

If you’re not clear on what machine translation post-editing services are, or how they differ from machine translation, our experienced MT post-editing consultants can walk you through the process and the options available to you. Below, we explore these services in detail to help you consider which of them your business might need.

What Is Machine Translation?

Machine translation is the process of a computer translating text. It has been around since the 1950s but has become more widely available over the last 10-15 years, as technology has advanced.

Machine translation works in one of three ways. The three types of machine translation that your business can use are:

  • Rules-based machine translation
  • Statistical machine translation
  • Neural machine translation

What Is Machine Translation Post-Editing?

Machine translation post-editing (MTPE) is a blend of automated translation and human skill. A machine undertakes the initial translation, then a human translator reviews and edits the resulting copy to enhance the translation quality.

If your business has a whole load of content to translate or is looking to keep costs to a minimum while also achieving quality translations, our machine translation post-editing services can be the ideal solution.

Our human translators drive up the quality of machine translations by focusing on tone, flow, grammar, clarity, accuracy and local cultural relevance. They take the machine’s work and make it better through their skilled, nuanced translation expertise.

Why Should Your Business Use Machine Translation Post-Editing Services?

MT post-editing services for businesses are the ideal way to translate fast and at scale while keeping costs affordable.

If your business needs to communicate in multiple languages, using machine translation post-editing services is a logical approach. You can achieve high quality, accurate translations that deliver all the finesse that only a human translator can provide, but at a lower cost than if you opted for human translation services alone.

One key advantage to using Tomedes’ MTPE services (as opposed to just machine translation) is that our translators can account for cultural sensitivities during the editing process. This means you can trust that your translations won’t offend local sensitivities when you use them.

When Does Your Business Need Machine Translation Post-Editing Services?

Machine translation post-editing services are ideal for all of your public-facing materials, from marketing documents and websites to product information leaflets and packaging. They are also the perfect solution for technical and specialist translations, where skilful knowledge of how to use certain terminology is essential.

If you need to produce plenty of translated content and don’t have time to lose, that’s when machine translation post-editing services come into play.

What Are the Machine Translation Post-Editing Best Practices?

Machine translation post-editing services need to address a number of areas in order to deliver the best results. These include:

  • Evaluating your source content: ensure that the content going into the machine in the first place is the best that it can be. Clear, concise and simply language is important. The better the input, the better the output.
  • Selecting the ideal MT solution: choose a machine translation system that has a good reputation and that meets your needs. Tomedes’ machine translation post-editing consultants can guide you through finding the best solutions.
  • Choosing the most appropriate post-editing solution: select the type of post-editing you need based on the intended purpose of the translated documents.
  • Ensuring quality checks are in place: quality assurance checks can ensure the overall quality of your final documents.

Machine Translation Consulting Services for Big Enterprises

As a leading B2B provider of machine translation post-editing services, Tomedes understands the pressures that your business is under. That’s why our machine translation post-editing consulting services are tailored to your specific needs.

Global enterprises are increasingly Big Data-driven but harnessing the power of that data becomes more complicated when multiple languages are involved. This is why translation services play such a key role in companies scaling up how effective they are at leveraging Big Data.

By using English, you can reach out to around a third of all internet users. However, if you want to truly go global, you’ll need to use a lot more languages. In fact, it you’ll need to deliver your content in 48 languages to reach out to 98% of all internet users. And translate those languages back into your native tongue in order to understand their responses.

This is here our machine translation post-editing consultancy services come in. By combining the speed of automated translation with the talents of our language professionals, you can operate across language barriers fast and cost effectively. Solutions of this scale are the only way to ensure that you deliver on your desire to be Big Data-driven when working across multiple languages.

What are the benefits of using machine translation post-editing services?

Some of the headline advantages of using our MTPE consulting services include:

Managing High Translation Volumes

If your business is overwhelmed by the volume of translations it needs to undertake, we can help. Cost-effective and faster than human translation, our machine translation post-editing solution can help enable you to translate at scale.

Reducing Time-to-Market

Sometimes, being first is essential to winning market share. If your business needs to move fast, we’re right here with you, delivering rapid language solutions through our tailored MT post-editing services.

Boosting Your ROI

Do you need to target large audiences at minimal cost? Our machine translation post-editing solutions can help your translation budget stretch further without compromising on quality.

Harnessing Big Data

Is your large enterprise processing data from around the globe? Big Data-driven companies often need to translate millions of words per day in order for that data to generate real business value. Using Tomedes’ machine translation post-editing services is the way to achieve this while maintaining translation quality and accuracy.

How Can Our Machine Translation Post-Editing Services Help Your Business?

Our experienced MTPE consultants will work in partnership with you to identify the services that you need based on your operational priorities. We can work with you to ensure that everything is handled in the most appropriate and cost-effective manner while also respecting requirements around confidentiality and data security.

Tomedes’ machine translation post-editing consultants will ensure that you have the services and expertise you need.

If your enterprise is new to MT post-editing, we can map out how the process can benefit you. Every business is unique, so we shape our services to ensure you achieve the right balance of speed, cost and quality in order to meet your operational goals and budgetary requirements.

There are different types of machine translation post-editing that your business can use. Tomedes’ MT post-editing services will mould around your operational needs – you simply choose the type of post-editing that suits you best.

The three types of machine translation post-editing services that Tomedes offers are:

  • Light post-editing: this can help you understand the gist of a document. Our translator will correct mistranslations and deal with any additions or omissions but won’t necessarily correct any typos or grammatical errors. It’s a rapid and cost-effective process. We don’t recommend using this for anything you plan to publish.
  • Full post-editing: if you plan to publish a document, our full MTPE service will ensure that it is accurately translated and of the highest quality. Our translator will address spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, improve the tone and flow, ensure consistency, correct any mistakes, additions or omissions, address any stylistic or formatting errors and make appropriate cultural and ethnocentric adjustments.
  • Specialist post-editing: our specialist MTPE service is here to help. The translator we assign to deliver your post-editing services will have skills and expertise relevant to your particular needs. This ensures any specialist terminology or concepts are understood and dealt with appropriately during the translation process. The result? High quality specialist translations you can rely on.

Machine Translation Post-Editing FAQs

If you still have questions on machine translation post-editing services and how they work, our FAQs should help:

  • How can machine translation post-editing help my business? It can improve translation accuracy, quality and consistency. It is also faster than human translation services.
  • What’s the difference between machine translation post-editing and machine translation? MTPE services include a human review and editing stage; machine translation does not.
  • Who provides machine translations? Machine translation is the kind of automated translation provided by Google Translate and its ilk.
  • Is machine translation post-editing expensive? MTPE services cost more than machine translations but less than human translation services.

Benefit from our Blended Technical and Language Expertise

We match our translators’ skills and experience to your requirements, so you always have access to a linguist who is ideally placed to support your business. This drives up the quality of your translations while reducing the time that those translations take.

For bespoke solutions to your translation needs, you can rely on Tomedes. Our machine translation post-editing consulting service is here to provide you with accurate translations that flow beautifully and deliver enhanced cultural sensitivity.

Contact us today to discuss the best MT post-editing strategy for your business.

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