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Greek to English Marketing Translation

December 17, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh

A client got in contact with Tomedes to request a quotation for some marketing text to be translated into English. The client’s business provides specialized services instead of products, so it was important that the translator understood the client’s business in order to provide an accurate localization. Moreover, the client required the completed translation to be returned within three days.

Jerry (an account manager at Tomedes) replied to the client’s enquiry within the hour. The client was impressed by Tomedes’ response time, which signaled to the client that punctuality was one of Tomedes’ priorities. Based on this, the client trusted Jerry’s assurance that the completed translation would be returned within the requested timeframe.

Tomedes has a number of translators with a background in marketing, and one even had familiarity with the specific services that the client’s business specialized in. Due to this, the translator was able to provide a natural localization of the client’s marketing material.

As the translation was under way, the client apologetically informed Tomedes that he forgot to include one of the documents in his initial quotation request. As the client had already commissioned the job, and as the translator was now working on the translation, the client assumed that this document wouldn’t be able to be completed at the same time as the others.

However, Tomedes’ project manager was able to check the translator’s progress, who was currently ahead of schedule, and asked if he would be able to take on the final document too. The translator was happy to oblige, and an amended quote was sent to the client, including the document he forgot to send.

The client was delighted when all of his marketing documents, including the one he forgot to include in the initial quotation, were returned within the original timeframe. He was impressed by Tomedes’ dedication to their clients, and mentioned he’d be in contact again should he require any further translation work. 

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