Greek to English website translation

A new client recently came to Tomedes for help with her website translation project.

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Greek to English website translation

September 17, 2017

A new client recently came to Tomedes for help with her website translation project. She had spent years building up a very niche – and very successful – culinary business in Greece and was now broadening her horizons by selling her goods to new markets. With the UK’s foodies firmly in her sights, she needed her website to be available to English speakers. Enter Tomedes!

Our translation company works with clients around the world, meeting all manner of professional translation needs. We maintain a network of more than 5,000 professional translators, based all over the world. This means that we always have the right translator on hand when the need arises. 

For this client’s Greek translation, we had the ideal translator waiting in the wings. Not only did she have experience of translating websites, but she also ran her own blog about food and drink – so she held the perfect blend of skills for the job at hand. 

Having already used our instant quote service to get a translation price, the client had then chatted with the friendly Tomedes team through our website’s live chat function. She was pleased with the translation cost and keen to get started, so we lost no time in getting to work on the translation. 

The website was quite detailed. It included not only the products for sale but also detailed nutritional information and a variety of blog posts covering culinary matters. The client wanted a full translation, including the blog posts and the FAQ section that she had written. As such, our translator worked methodically through the site, ensuring that every page was flawlessly translated. The Tomedes quality control team checked the translation. We do this for each translation that we undertake, to make sure that our high standards never slip. 

The client was delighted with the end result and is looking forward to conquering the UK gastronomy market now that the English version of her website is complete. 

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