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A regular customer recently asked the Tomedes team to help her with a quick translation project, translating from Greek to English.

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Greek to English Financial Translation

July 08, 2018

A regular customer recently asked the Tomedes team to help her with a quick translation project. She had received a letter from the authorities in Greece in relation to a late family member’s estate and needed to understand what it was communicating. With a network of translation professionals spread around the world, including numerous Greek translators, we were most happy to assist. 

The client’s letter was not long, but contained some complex financial terms. As such, we assigned one of our financial translation experts to take on the job. At Tomedes, we always strive to pair our translators’ expertise and preferred subjects with our available work in this way – it leads to more accurate translations, satisfied translators and happy clients. In short, everyone wins!

Our Greek translator got to work straight away. She worked through the letter, translating it into flawless English in order that the client could understand its contents. The client was delighted with the result – she was able to understand what needed to be done in relation to her relative’s estate and could thus move forward with sorting out the appropriate arrangements. 

As a result of understanding the translation, the client released that she also needed to respond to the letter in writing. Naturally, the Tomedes team was happy to assist with translating the letter she wrote in English into perfect Greek. 

If you have a personal or corporate translation need, the Tomedes team is here to help. Translation services can make it easier to handle a huge range of international matters, from legal interactions to business ventures. You can use our online quote form to find out your translation cost in an instant. And if you work with words in any capacity, you can also take advantage of our new Summarization Tool completely free of charge. Please contact us for further details. 

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