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A regular client recently asked Tomedes to undertake the translation of a company finance report from Greek to English.

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Greek to English finance report translation

February 21, 2016

A regular client recently asked Tomedes to undertake the translation of a company finance report from Greek to English. Her company was undertaking the initial stages of due diligence on a business in Greece and needed to translate a detailed financial report. 

Tomedes is able to provide professional human translators who are highly experienced at translating corporate financial documents. Business finance translation is a complex task that requires translators with exceptional attention to detail. 

Finance document translators are required to be familiar with technical financial terms in both the source language and the target language. Thankfully, with a network of some 5,000 professional translators spread around the world, we knew we had the perfect person to undertake this client’s Greek to English translation. 

Based in North London, our Greek translator was got to work straight away on the client’s finance report, which was a lengthy document, incorporating a great deal of financial information and other company details. Given the size of the translation, our translator provided the client with regular updates regarding progress being made with the document, to assure her that the work was being undertaken at a good pace. 

Once the translator have finished working on the finance report, the English translation was submitted to the Tomedes quality assurance team. This part of our process ensures that every translation is assessed and verified to ensure that its quality meets our rigorous standards. 

Once the quality assurance team had approved it, the translation was handed over to the client. She was really pleased with the quality of the work and with the professionally presented English version of the finance report, as well as with the excellent value for money that the Tomedes service represented. 

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