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Fijian to English video translation

January 02, 2019

By Ofer Tirosh

Fijian is a beautiful language that is spoken by some 450,000 people as a first language, mainly located on the island of Fiji. It also has around 200,000 second language speakers. It was a spoken language only until Scottish missionary David Cargill (1809-1843) worked out a way of writing it down using the Latin alphabet (minus the letters X and Z). 

Tomedes receives requests for Fijian translation from time to time, so we maintain a network of professional translators who cover a range of disciplines, from business translation to website translation. Our most recent Fijian translation request came from a client who needed a video file translated from Fijian to English. She was in a hurry, so used our urgent translation service in order to get the job done as quickly as possible.

Our video translation service covers every aspect of the process, from transcription and time syncing to translation and subtitling. This client required all four elements of the video translation service, so we got to work without delay. Our Fijian video translation expert is highly experienced and works fast and efficiently. We back up his work – as we do for all of our translations – with our in-house quality assurance team, ensuring that each translation is checked for accuracy before it is provided to the client. 

In this case, the client was delighted with the quality of her video translation. The English subtitles were precisely what she needed in order to expand the reach of her video and connect with new audiences, thus maximising the value of the money she had spent on producing the video in the first place. 

For all of your translation needs – from video and audio files to blog post and financial paperwork translation, you can speak to the Tomedes team. Our network of translators extends around the world, so that we have the perfect person waiting to translate your documents. 

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