Keeping Customers ’Appy: How Tomedes Supported an App Developer to Keep Users Happy in 41 Countries

Tomedes recently positioned a client’s employee engagement platform for international success by translating the app into 41 languages.

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Extending an App’s Reach to 41 New Countries

August 11, 2023

Put on Your Thinking App

The usefulness of some apps transcends national borders. Indeed, research has shown that large business apps run marketing campaigns in an average of 5.9 countries, while for productivity apps the average is 7.6 countries. As such, when an app developer recently informed Tomedes that she needed translations for her app, we expected the job to encompass several languages. What we didn’t realize was just how high the client had set her international ambitions: the job required app translation into 41 languages. 

The client’s exciting expansion plans centered around her innovative employee engagement platform. Developed by a team of engineers and psychologists, the platform supports employers to keep their teams engaged and motivated in a range of ways. The result is happier teams in happier workplaces, supporting business environments in which people can thrive, not simply survive until it’s time to clock off. 

Already launched internationally, the app had proven successful in supporting employers in multiple countries to engage their teams. The theories behind the platform were supporting staff to feel engaged and motivated, regardless of their native language. Now, it was time for the client to roll out a new feature as part of their app. That new feature needed to be presented to all of the app’s users, meaning the client needed it translated into 41 languages if she wanted to keep all her customers happy – which she most certainly did. 

Engaging the Right Tools for Success

Engaging employees in the right way can deliver significant results. A staggering 69% of employees report that they would work harder if they were better appreciated. Meanwhile, companies that enjoy high employee engagement rates have been found to be 21% more profitable than their peers with employees who aren’t engaged. No wonder, then, that 71% of executives state that employee engagement is critical to the success of their business. 

Using the right tools and approaches is key to successfully engaging employees, just as using the right app translation service is key to connecting and communicating seamlessly with international users. This need for high-quality content was why the app developer sought out Tomedes’ ISO-certified translation service. She was also seeking a translation service that could demonstrate plenty of experience. Having helped 95,000 business customers over the past 15 years and with a strong team of app translators serving dozens of languages, Tomedes fit the bill perfectly. 

A Challenging Timescale for Challenging Times

With global growth expected to dip from 3.3% in 2022 to 2.7% in 2023, the client was aware that many businesses were feeling the pinch – including many of her international customers. As such, she wanted to do all she could to help them boost their productivity levels through greater employee engagement. She also wanted to move fast, to address her own challenge of getting her new feature to market as soon as possible. As such, she set her Tomedes project manager the task of turning around all 41 translations in just three days. 

Engaging Translators on a Global Scale 

It’s fair to say Tomedes rose to the challenge admirably. Our project manager coordinated everything seamlessly, managing the busy workflows across our global network of translators while providing the client with a single, efficient and informed point of contact. This is always important to us – while we are busy working behind the scenes to deliver outstanding translations, we ensure that the client experience is calm and collected. 

The 41-language translation solution we provided was all about empowering the client to deliver greater value to her customers. Her platform was founded on principles of supporting self-leadership and managing performance positively, as well as engaging employees, so it was important to her the app’s new feature be rolled out smoothly. Causing headaches for her customers with poorly translated content was absolutely not an option. As such, she was very particular about the consistency and accuracy of all 41 translations, ensuring that they were in line with the glossary of terms she provided and that every single translation reflected the intended meaning of the original content, as well as her brand’s tone. By closely coordinating the work of all 41 translators, Tomedes ensured that this was precisely the solution that the client received. 

Keeping Clients ’Appy 

The client was supremely satisfied with the resulting translations. The service she received was efficient, well-coordinated and speedy, with all 41 translations delivered within the required three-day window. This meant that she could roll out her new feature in line with her ambitious operational timeline, while relying on the high-quality nature of the app content in every single language. The knock-on effect of this would be happy customers, with all those using her app around the world able to benefit from the new feature, showcasing the positive power of high-quality translations in supporting business growth and customer satisfaction. 


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