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A recent Tomedes client needed a product manual translation from English to Vietnamese.

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English to Vietnamese product manual translation

November 11, 2018

Translation services can help facilitate all manner of international business transactions. A recent example is a Tomedes client whose company needed a product manual translated from English to Vietnamese. The manual contained detailed instructions and diagrams on how to assemble and use the product in question. 

The client had asked for the Vietnamese version of the manual to be laid out in the same format as the original, so we engaged our desktop publishing team to reproduce the diagrams and their labels, while the translator worked through the rest of the copy. 

With the Tomedes team hard at work, it didn’t take long to produce the Vietnamese translation of the manual. The translator worked closely with the client regarding the detailed instructions for the product assembly, to ensure that the health and safety elements of the text were conveyed appropriately. She also translated the troubleshooting section of the manual and, in liaison with the client, added a section on customers’ rights regarding returning the product from overseas. 

The client was delighted with how thorough the translation service was, and particularly with the attention paid to localizing the manual for his Vietnamese customers. The layout of the translated document perfectly mirrored the original, with the diagrams clearly labelled in Vietnamese, just as he had hoped. The quality of the product manual translation meant that Vietnamese consumers would easily be able to assemble and use his product, just as those purchasing the original, English-language version could. 

Translation services take place every day to facilitate business operations in this way. Globalisation has brought with it many cross-border working opportunities, and professional translation agencies do much to enable companies to make the most of those breaks. 

If your company plans to take on the world, Tomedes can help. Our business translation specialists cover a wide range of sectors and disciplines, so we can pair their experience and language skills to the tasks at hand. Contact us today to find out more. 

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