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We were contacted by a client representing a prestigious law firm based in Texas, United States to provide legal translation service

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A law firm requests an English translation of a Spanish payroll document

May 04, 2015

We were contacted by a client representing a prestigious law firm based in Texas, United States. The law firm the customer represents has a large number of employees who frequently depend on outsourcing translation work to external translators and translation companies such as Tomedes. The glowing reputation this particular law practice possesses entails that it has a large client base who depend on the first-class legal service that the firm is known for. But without the ability to outsource translations of official documents, this law firm would be unable to serve a large portion of its client base.

The client wanted to translate a Latin American Spanish payroll document into US English for a case he was working on. Due to our client’s need for a flawless translation, he stipulated that a certification of translation accuracy would be required. Our translation agency is happy to provide a signed certification of translation accuracy certificate for all of our clients upon request, and our translator was able to confirm in writing that the translation was accurate to the best of her knowledge.

The client also requested that the translation be completed in a very short timeframe, as the case he was working on had a tight deadline too. At Tomedes, we always strive to provide a quick turnaround on client translations, and we are often able to do so at very short notice if required. In this case, our translator was available to produce the translation quickly, which was greatly appreciated by our client.

Our translator also resides in the US and has native speaking ability in US English. And thanks to her bachelor’s education in law, she was able to quickly and accurately translate technical terminology specific to the legal field.
The completed translation was returned to the client within the agreed timeframe, and the client thanked our translator for providing a reliable and quick service that allowed him to finish working on his case.


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