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Machine translation isn't good enough for technical documents, such as the English to Lithuanian manual translation that Tomedes completed.

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English to Lithuanian Manual Translation

July 08, 2014

Machine translation is not of high enough quality for professional documents, such as the English to Lithuanian manual translation that the Tomedes team recently completed. That’s why Tomedes always uses professional human translators – so that we can maintain our reputation for producing flawless translations, every time

Manual translation is a specialist skill, requiring an excellent eye for detail as well as first class linguistic capabilities. For this job, we turned to our top technical translator in Alytus – a lady with extensive experience of translating technical manuals and other documents for Tomedes’ clients. We knew that her background and experience positioned her perfectly for the job, as we match every piece of client work with the perfectly skilled translator from our network

With three manuals in total, this was a large job. Each manual took just over a week to translate into Lithuanian, meaning we completed the translation well within the month that the client had given us to do it. We also carried out our usual round of professional proofreading and other quality assurance checks, to ensure that each manual was perfect before it was handed back to the client. Having received such high quality and accurate translations, the client was understandably extremely pleased. 

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