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English to Hindi software installation translation

April 02, 2010

Independent and corporate software engineers frequently request English to Hindi software installation translation, because they know that information technology is on the rise for a lot of companies and individuals in India and surrounding areas. The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-JEE) produces many millions of highly trained and skilled IT professionals every year, making them an enormous market for both hiring and buying hardware, software, and other IT related products.

Offering a product in a consumer's native language is proven to have at least 4 times more sales than offering a product in only English. With a professional Hindi software translation, you'll be able to communicate with - and significantly increase sales - from an enormous market of IT professionals. To get a free quote on your own Hindi translation service, simply use the menu on the left to upload your file. We'll provide you with an estimate in seconds – you'll be amazed at how low our translation rates are, compared to other professional translation services.

Tomedes continues to be the leading service with technical Hindi translation. Why? Because software installation translation cannot be done by just anyone who speaks Hindi, nor by just any Hindi translator. A translation as technical as English to Hindi software translation, requires meticulous accuracy, and Hindi translators with in-depth IT translation experience. Our Hindi translators are skilled at translation within the IT industry, providing ,software translation, hardware installation translation, SEO and localized website translation, and much more. We regularly provide Hindi software translation for business owners, web hosts, software engineers, and other clients needing this very specialized service. (For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot disclose specific details, as we guarantee full non-disclosure to all of our clients). To speak with us about specific details and questions regarding an English to Hindi translation, connect to our free live chat.

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