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English to Arabic Product Marketing Translation

November 17, 2014

By Ofer Tirosh


Whilst people assume that Tomedes regularly translates large documents into other languages, the fact that Tomedes deals with many clients who only require very small pieces of text to be translated is often overlooked. Tomedes handles even small documents with the same outstanding level of service and 24/7 availability as larger contracts and, due to the nature of smaller documents, is often able to provide a very quick turnaround for clients.

For example, a recent client based in the US wanted to have a single page of product marketing text translated from English to Arabic. After contacting Tomedes with her marketing copy, the client received a quotation from an enthusiastic project manager only a few hours later. The client was happy with the quotation (which she considered to be of exceptionally good value) and approved the job instantly. 

Tomedes’ large workforce of human translators is always on hand to take on potential work, and due to this the translation began as soon as the client approved the quotation. One of Tomedes leading Arabic translators started work on the project, and the client received her completed text back, both fully translated and proofread, the next day.

It probably goes without saying that the client was thrilled with the super-quick turnaround time, and continues to use Tomedes for her translation needs.

By having a large network of human, native-speaking translators, Tomedes is able to provide this sort of speedy turnaround on a consistent basis, priding itself in its broad portfolio of satisfied customers.

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