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Professional translation agency Tomedes supported a client to translate his educational documents from English to Tigrinya

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Exceptional Educational Translation

February 22, 2017

One thing that the Tomedes team always enjoys is satisfying the requirements of clients who need translators for less commonly sought after language pairings. English to Tigrinya translation falls within this category – it’s not a language that we are asked to translate often, but when the need does arrive we have professional Tigrinya translators ready to spring into action. 

A client recently needed a batch of educational papers translated from English to Tigrinya and we were delighted to be able to assist. He was in a hurry, so contacted us via our online chat function and asked about our urgent translation service

After pleasantly surprising the client with our excellent value for money, we got to work on his translation. The papers were quite detailed, but this posed no problem for our professional Tigrinya translator. Based in Northern Ethiopia, he was available to start work immediately and quickly got to grips with the client’s documents. 

Maintaining a network of professional translators around the world allows Tomedes to call on local expertise in this way. We have over 5,000 skilled translators on our books, which enables us to cover a vast range of language pairings, all through the use of human translation services. Machines don’t make the grade – only the human touch will suffice when it comes to producing top quality translations! 
This particular client was thrilled to receive such a fast service and such an excellent translation of his educational documents. He is already putting the papers to good use and considering which other documents it might be helpful to produce in Tigrinya. 

Whatever language pairing you’re looking for, Tomedes is here to help. Our translators are leading professionals based around the world, so we operate a 24/7 service. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your business to move forward. 

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