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Flawless Educational Translation

October 11, 2017

By Ofer Tirosh

Syriac is spoken be residents of eastern Turkey, north-eastern Syria and northern Iraq. It is a minority language spoken mainly by Syrian Christians and used as the liturgical language of several churches. While Tomedes doesn’t often receive requests for Syriac translation, we like to be prepared. As such, we ensure that our network of translation professionals includes Syriac translators.

This proved to be invaluable recently, as a new client approached our translation company asking for the translation of a batch of educational documents from English to Syriac. We were thrilled to be able to help. 

The educational translation incorporated several texts, as well as questions relating to the copy. The client was in no hurry for the translations, but price was important to her. Thankfully, the way that we structure our service means that we can offer an excellent translation price for the Syriac language, without compromising on quality. The client was pleasantly surprised at the value for money that Tomedes offered and asked us to proceed with her translation. 

One thing the client specified was that she wanted to use a human translation service. She was (quite rightly) wary of the quality of machine translation and wanted to ensure that her educational documents were translated by a person. This was no problem at all for Tomedes – we only ever use professional human translators, as machines can’t yet compete with their level of skill and accuracy. This is particularly apparent when it comes to minority languages. 

The client was delighted with the end result – high quality Syriac translation and excellent value for money. Just what she was looking for!  

If you have a document that you need translated, speak to Tomedes today. We cover a wide range of languages and subject matters, with pricing that doesn’t break the bank. You can use our online quote service to see for yourself. 

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