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A new client recently asked us to undertake a translation of her market research document from English to Swedish

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English to Swedish market research translation

December 16, 2015

Market research is an essential activity for any business with a new product or service. It’s also important for companies with an established product that they are considering taking to new markets. 

A new client recently asked us to undertake a translation of her market research document from English to Swedish. Her environmentally friendly product range had been well received in England, following a highly successful market research campaign conducted there. Now, she was considering reaching out to customers in Sweden as well, so wanted to conduct the same market research activity in that country to find out what kind of appetite there was there for her products. 

Tomedes was able to assist immediately. We have English to Swedish translators on hand from a range of backgrounds. We always seek to pair the translator with the topic of the translation, so for this client we turned to our best Swedish marketing translator. 

Our translator got to work immediately, producing a high quality translation well within the client’s timescale. His marketing background and knowledge of local expressions and phrases proved invaluable, highlighting why Tomedes always seeks to use native translators – quite simply, they produce better quality translations! 

The Swedish translation of the market research document was soon sent over to the client, who was delighted with both the high standard of translation from Tomedes and our excellent rate for the work. She now has the document she needs to begin testing the market for interest in her product line in Sweden – another example of how Tomedes is helping businesses both large and small around the world to meet their international expansion goals. 

If you have a business translation need, contact Tomedes today. We can provide an instant quote via our website, or would be happy to talk through your translation needs in more detail by email, on the phone or via our website chat service.

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