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A Tomedes client needed her website translated into three languages, so we sprang into action!

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English to Spanish, French and German Website Translation

March 04, 2020

Sometimes, a translation job is about dealing with more than one language. In a recent example of this, a Tomedes client asked us to undertake a translation of her website from English into Spanish, French and German. 

With a network of language professionals that stretches around the globe, we were easily able to find the perfect translators to meet the client’s needs. 

Professional Spanish Translation 

The first translator we assigned to the website translation was a native Spanish translator whose experience included translating a wide variety of websites from English to Spanish. Skilled at both translation and localization, we knew he was the ideal translator to undertake the English to Spanish translation element of this job. 

These kinds of English to Spanish translation services are one of Tomedes’ most sought-after language pairings. Spanish is the world’s second most spoken language by number of speakers (around 480 million people speak it natively), being spoken by 6% of the global population. It has a further 74 million or so second language speakers and is an official language in 20 countries. Clearly, Spanish translation services are going to be much in demand for the foreseeable future. 

French Business Translation 

Next, we assigned a French translator. French is the world’s fifth most spoken language by total speaker numbers, with around 77 million first language speakers and 203 million second language speakers. It is known far and wide as the language of haute couture, gourmet cuisine and, of course, romance. 

Our French translator had just finished an app translation and was looking to take on her next job. Happily, this French translation popped up at just the right time so our translator got to work at once. 

Accurate German Translation 

The client’s final request was for English to German translation. German is another frequently requested language by Tomedes’ translation clients. It is the second most spoken language in Europe (after Russian) and we are often asked to provide translation from English into German and vice versa. For a further example of our German translation work, please click the link below.  

In this instance, we needed a German translator with experience of translating and localizing websites. We quickly identified the ideal translator and set him to work. With over five years’ experience of working on websites, apps and other software translation and localization jobs, we were more than confident in his abilities. 

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Webpage Translation 

Our three translators worked simultaneously to deliver the client’s website in three languages. As part of our website translation service (and, indeed all Tomedes’ translation services), we provide each client with a dedicated account manager. This meant that the client only had to liaise with one point of contact at Tomedes, rather than three individual translators. The result? A smoother translation process for the client. 

All three translators worked swiftly and efficiently, with the account manager liaising between them to ensure consistency in the translations and to communicate any queries to the client. This two-way communication meant that the translation and localization work did not falter at any point due to a lack of clarity. Instead, the work proceeded at an impressive pace – faster than the client had imagined that it would. 

Website translation is a regular undertaking here at Tomedes. Firms across the globe are using multilingual websites in order to access new audiences and increase customer engagement. Over the years, we’ve worked on everything from tiny brochure sites to huge online retail outlets, constantly refining our processes to ensure that we blend advances in technology with skilled human translation at every state of the translation and localization process. 

Website Localization 

We’ve mentioned localization a lot above, but are you familiar with the term? If not, let’s take a quick detour and look at what localization services actually are. 

While translation converts copy from one language to another, localization reshapes it in order to ensure maximum appeal to the new, target audience. This means factoring in cultural preferences and norms. 

Localization also includes work on elements other than copy. It can include everything from imagery to payment systems, as well as the format of dates, times, measurements and more. 

Ultimately, the goal of website localization is to deliver a translate website that doesn’t feel like a translation – it should feel as though it was originally created with the target audience in mind. 

In this case, the client was delighted with the overall result of her multilingual website localization project and is already putting the translations to good use. 

Global Translation and Localization Services 

Where is your business currently based? And where would you like to expand to? Whatever your translation and localization goals may be, Tomedes is here to help. We can provide expert linguists with in-depth local knowledge of your target regions, to maximise your business’ chances of overseas success. Call, email or live chat with our friendly team to find out more! 

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