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A client's recent financial translation required the Tomedes team to convert his document from English to Spanish.

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English to Spanish financial translation

May 29, 2019

Spanish and English are two of the most spoken languages in the world. Estimates of speaker numbers vary, but it is believed that Spanish has around 399 million speakers and that English has approximately 335 million speakers. Spanish speakers dwell largely in South America, the United States and, of course, Spain. Native English speakers can be found in 101 countries and territories dotted around the globe. It is an official language in 94 of these. 

Professional Spanish translation

Given the widespread use of both Spanish and English, there are plenty of translation jobs that require speakers of these languages. A client’s recent financial translation, for example, required the Tomedes team to convert his document from English to Spanish. The client needed European Spanish in this instance, so we ensured that we assigned an appropriately experienced native speaker from Spain, rather than from another part of the world, in order to produce a flawless translation. (We always seek to use native speakers of the target language, as this tends to result in higher quality translations, in our experience.)  

Financial translation for business clients

The client needed his financial document translated as part of a business undertaking. We were most happy to oblige. Tomedes works with translators covering a wide range of subject specialisms, including financial translators. This means that we can pair our translators with the subject of our clients’ documents, as well as their language needs. 

The translator got straight to work, carefully converting the client’s financial document from English to Spanish. The translation was superb and the client was delighted with the result, not only due to the accurate translation but also thanks to the impressive speed at which we had produced it. The low translation cost served to ensure that he was even more pleased. 

A network of expert translators 

Tomedes has spent 10 years establishing a network of translators. Our team is spread around the globe, meaning that we can offer a 24/7 service and cover a huge range of language pairings. Our network also includes desktop publishing professionals, proofreaders and editors who work across multiple languages, thus providing our clients with access to a broad spectrum of language services. 

Translations for all 

Whatever your translation need, Tomedes is here to help. You can speak to a member of our team to find out more – simply call, email or live chat with us. You’re also welcome to use the ‘instant quote’ function on our website to find out straight away what your translation should cost. 

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