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Superb Sanskrit Translation

February 19, 2017

By Ofer Tirosh

Literature is a wonderful medium through which cultures can compare and contrast their histories, ideologies and daily lives. The translation of novels, poems and plays is an important component in aiding understanding across linguistic and geographic borders. 

When it comes to literary translation, human translation is a must. When an author has put her heart and soul into creating a literary masterpiece, relying on machine translation to make it available in other languages is inconceivable. Literary translation requires the finesse and nuance that only a human translator can provide. 

When a new client approached Tomedes recently, asking for his literary work to be translated from English to Sanskrit, he was very clear that only a human translator would suffice. As Tomedes only ever uses human translators, this was no problem!

The client also wanted to take advantage of our excellent localization service. Localization complements translation by being sensitive to any references in the material that might cause offence, or humour, or simply not be understood. A localization service can be invaluable for literary translation, as it supports the translation of the material while flagging up any potential issues that may result from its being presented to a new audience. 

We were happy to oblige the client by providing professional translation and localization services for her work. Our Uttarakhand-based translator was delighted to undertake this translation. We always seek to use natives of the target language in this way, in order to assure the quality of the translations that we produce. This is also essential for localization work, as was the case with this client. 

After a diligent and thorough translation, the resulting Sanskrit literary work was absolutely perfect. The client was thrilled. Another very happy customer!  

Speak to the Tomedes team to find out how we can support your translation needs. From business documents to novels, we are here to help you connect with new audiences around the world.

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