English to Russian technical translation

Recently, a new client sought our translation company's expertise for a technical translation from English to Russian.

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English to Russian technical translation

August 30, 2017

The skills required for technical translation are suited to a wide range of documents, from feasibility studies and manuals to patent documentation and data spreadsheets. 

Recently, a new client sought our translation company’s expertise for a technical translation from English to Russian. Her business was working with a new partner in Russia. The two companies needed to share information back and forth, including a number of technical specifications. The Tomedes translation team was delighted to help. 

Our Russian translation service covers a wide range of disciplines, including technical translation. With more than 5,000 professional translators in our network, we pride ourselves on finding the ideal translation specialist for each job. For this client, that meant a translator who was experienced at working with process-related documentation and detailed technical spreadsheets. Thankfully, we had just the person for the job! 

Translation cost played a big part in this client’s decision about which translation company to use and she had been impressed with Tomedes’ upfront approach to this issue. The instant quote service on our website is available to all potential clients, as we feel that it’s important for businesses that require translation services to know from the outset what the work is likely to cost them. Many companies these days are experiencing budgetary pressure and we believe that being upfront about costs can help potential clients to know where they stand and plan accordingly. 

This particular client had been delighted with the cost indicated by our instant quote. She quickly took advantage of our live chat service to discuss the details of her translation and instruct us to proceed. We lost no time in doing so and within a little over a week the client received her documents in flawless Russian. She was so pleased that she has already given us a second assignment. 

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