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A recent client asked Tomedes for help with the Russian translation of his marketing materials.

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Russian TranslationEnglish to Russian marketing translation

November 26, 2017

Establishing business relationships is easier in some countries than others. Where the two countries speak different languages, this imposes an additional layer of complexity for those companies looking to expand their services overseas. 

A recent client asked Tomedes for help with the Russian translation of his marketing materials. These included a detailed presentation and marketing brochure, as well as his business cards, in preparation for his forthcoming business trip to Russia. We were delighted to be able to help. 

Our expert Russian translators include professionals with extensive marketing translation experience. We always seek to use translators who are native to the target language/country, so in this instance we turned to one of our Moscow-based team. His translation experience included plenty of English to Russian corporate marketing work, so we knew he was the right person for the job. 

Our translation company got to work straight away in order to meet the client’s deadline. With meetings already arranged in Russia and flights booked, he had no time to lose! Working to strict timescales is no problem for the Tomedes team – we appreciate that business clients have deadlines of their own and understand that the corporate translation process needs to slot painlessly into existing schedules. 

We also appreciate that clarity over translation costs plays an important role in enabling businesses to budget appropriately for their overseas ventures. That’s why we include an instant translation quote function on our website, so that clients can see from the outset how much their translation is going to cost. This client had taken advantage of that tool before speaking to the Tomedes team about his translation requirements, so knew that he was happy with the translation price from the outset. 

The client was delighted with the finished translation. The business cards, marketing brochure and presentation were all typeset to mirror the English versions, as per the client’s instructions, providing him with the precise tools he needed to head to Russia to conduct his business with confidence. 

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