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A regular client asked Tomedes to undertake his app translation into Russian recently.

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English to Russian app translation

February 10, 2016

The spread of videogames around the world led to the need for large-scale translation of manuals, packaging, gaming guides and the games themselves. Now, apps have followed suit, requiring translation into multiple languages in order to engage users spread around the planet. 

A regular client asked Tomedes to undertake his app translation into Russian recently. We had already translated it into several other languages and success in those countries had inspired the developer to reach out to a Russian audience as well. 

Tomedes is well placed to undertake English to Russian app translation. We have a team of professional human translators who are experts at translating apps of every kind. Whether it’s a retail app, a gaming app or a news app, we have the right person on hand for the job. 

For this client’s translation, we used our best Moscow-based translator. At Tomedes we always use translators who are native speakers of the target language. It makes for a more accurate translation and is one of the reasons that we are proud to be able to offer a one year guarantee for every translation that we produce. 

This client’s app contained quite a lot of text but our Russian translator got straight to work and had the entire thing translated in less than a week. The client was delighted with the speed of our translation service and with the high quality of the Russian version of the app. After launching it to the Russian-speaking world he plans to translate it into even more languages – and Tomedes will be delighted to help him!

For all of your gaming, software and app translations, contact Tomedes today. We also undertake business translation, from presentations to websites, and personal translations such as CVs, birth certificates and medical documents. Use the instant quote service on our website to find out what great value our translation service is. 

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