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Tomedes provides Punjabi advertisement translation for a range of business needs such as global expansion and reaching a greater audience. Our native translators have the language and industry experience required to deliver accurate translations of Punjabi business advertisement documents. Please find below examples of the projects we have worked on over the years.

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Perfect Punjabi Translation of Advertising Materials

December 07, 2016

page updated December 19, 2022

Recruiting the right people to the right role isn’t always easy. The right staff members can make the difference between a business with an outstanding reputation and a company that customers prefer to avoid. 

With technology making remote working and cross-border working ever more practicable, companies are increasingly discovering the benefits of advertising for staff in more than one language. This was precisely the case with a recent Tomedes client, who asked for his recruitment advert to be translated from English to Punjabi. 

Our Expert Native Translators Got Your Back

We instantly knew we had the right translator for this job. Based in Islamabad, he had just finished work on a lengthy translation project and was ready for a new challenge. He was delighted to take on the translation of an advertisement that would help a company to perfect their staff team. 

Even for fairly brief translations such as this job advert, we always recommend avoiding machine translation. Computers can do incredible things but they can’t (at least not yet) translate with the subtlety and finesse that a good human translator can. This is why human translation for Punjabi advertisement is still essential for those looking for accurate translation services. 


Translation of Business Advertisement - English to Punjabi

The professional translation of the advertisement was completed quickly and flawlessly by our Punjabi translator. The client was pleased with the quality of the work and the speed with which Tomedes produced the Punjabi version of his document. 

He was also keen to take advantage of our desktop publishing service, using the Tomedes team to typeset the Punjabi version of his advert. This is a particularly useful service for those who want their translated document to be a mirror image of the original, without them having to worry about formatting it. Tomedes is happy to provide this service for all manner of document formats at layouts. 

The client is now happily using his Punjabi and English language recruitment adverts to find the very best staff, regardless of their native tongue. Another happy Tomedes client!

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