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A client decided that he needed to expand his small business overseas, with the help of Portuguese translation services.

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English to Brazilian Portuguese Business Translation Service

September 25, 2019

Business translation is a core means of ensuring that international trade deals run smoothly. From tiny companies just trialling their first international shipments to huge conglomerates with offices on every continent, professional translation is a powerful tool when it comes to increasing efficiencies and engaging with new customers. 

A recent US-based client had been looking at how to make money online and had decided that he needed to expand his small business overseas. He was familiar with Brazil and already spoke a little of the language, after spending many happy holidays there, so decided that he would branch out first into the Brazilian market. 

Brazilian Portuguese Translation for Business Owners

The client’s first step was to arrange business meetings with a number of potential retailers for his products. While the contacts he was planning to meet with spoke English well enough for phone calls and meetings to be conducted in that language, the client wanted to ensure that his products were presented in Portuguese. As such, he approached Tomedes about using our Portuguese translation services. Naturally, we were delighted to help. 

Accurate, Timely Business Translation Services

Time and quality are two of the most prized things in the business world. That’s why the Tomedes team ensures that all of our translations are delivered on time and in line with our exacting standards. 

This client’s work was no exception. After discussing his needs over email, we got straight to work, with our leading Portuguese business translator working carefully through the client’s document. 

Desktop Publishing Services to Complement Professional Translations 

The report that the client wanted to share with his Brazilian contacts not only contained copy, but dozens of images, many of which also contained text. As such, we were delighted to add our desktop publishing services into the mix, ensuring that the report was recreated in its entirety and that the end product looked just as impressive as the original. 

The client was delighted with the overall result – a report that he could be proud to share with his new contacts and that he was confident would give him the boost that he needed to kick off his overseas empire. 

Business Translation Services for All

Clients around the world use Tomedes to provide a range of translation services, from business email translation to the translation of website and marketing documents. To become one of them, just let us know what you need! We’re ready and waiting to serve you. 

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